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Published on 19 March, 2011 | Angels

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Today I am off for a visit to the Monastery in Manchester and to attend a workshop with Jackie Newcombe. For those of you with an interest in angels, and I take it by reading this page that you are, then Jackie is the author of many books about angels and has appeared on both national tv and radio as well as writing for magazines.

I am taking along my granddaughter. She is 12 years of age and I am hoping that before she enters her what can sometimes prove to be difficult years as an adolescent that the talk will be inspiring and offer her another perspective on her world.

I know some people have a hard time believing in angels and that has a lot to do with how they perceive them. Some find it very hard to believe that a 8ft angel with wings can possibly exist and wonder if so why they have not seen one. But angels come in many different guises and it could just as easily be the little old lady with the shopping bag and stooped back who passes you by with a sparkly twinkle and the bluest eyes you have ever seen as it could the vision of a beautiful cherub or an angel with majestic white feathers.

I am looking forward to feedback from by granddaughter as to how she feels about angels both before and after our meeting with Jackie. I shall keep you posted.

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jackie newcombe

Bethanie & Jackie Newcombe

We had a lovely day and enjoyed our visit with Jackie Newcombe. After rushing through a lot of traffic due to a hold up on the motorway and  the fact that Manchester City football club was playing at home, we definitely had the angels on our side as we also got a great parking space and we made it just in time. I was not quite sure what to expect but knew we was going to do an angel meditation. This turned out be an hour long meditation and my granddaughter was more amazed that as she put it ‘ grandma I kept my eyes closed for a full hour and it only seemed like 20mins’.

There must have been  70 or more people in the group but as Jackie led us through  her angelic meditation it was as if I was the only person in the room. Time and space seemed to have no meaning, only the positive and loving energy that was very much present.  She talked us through a guided meditation and with gentle music in the background it was not hard to visualize and follow the path her guides had requested we take.

This was the first time my granddaughter aged 12 had ever taken a meditation so I was keen to hear about her experience afterwards. She was quite open about it and said that she had seen her angels wings but could only see a light in place of a face. She said she  had felt quite calm and peaceful and enjoyed the experience. I think the most amazing thing that she discovered was that she could actually sit still for more than 10 minutes without being concerned who was texting her (All phones had been switched off obviously).

Is meditation good for children?

It most certainly is. There have been experiments that have offered a whole class full of students daily mediation over a full term. It proved without a doubt that all the children who took part had a much higher level of concentration and less aggression in the classroom. My personal opinion is that it should be introduced to children as early as possible so that it becomes not just a place to visit when someone angelic comes to town but part of their own connection with their true selves and a knowing from an early age that they are never alone and only need to ask for guidance from within to receive it.

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