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Published on 10 July, 2012 | Healthy Living

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is defined as any health practice that takes the place of, or is incompatible with, conventional Western medicine. Distinction must be made between alternative medicine and complementary medicine. Complementary medicine may involve non-traditional medical practices, but is undertaken along with traditional healing approaches. Alternative medicine implies using only non-traditional methods. 

Alternative medicine includes a broad range of practices. Some healing therapies are based on Ancient Chinese beliefs, like acupuncture and the use of certain herbal compounds. Others focus on Hindu, or Ayurvedic, therapies including diet changes, the practice of yoga, and emphasizing the connection of mind, body, and spirit.

Spiritual Healing

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Mind, body, and spirit healing is also championed as holistic health, and can be alternative or complementary. Dr. Deepak Chopra, for example, practices medicine in this way, leaning more toward alternative than conventional thinking, although he holds a Western medical degree. His teachings have been hotly contested in the medical community.
Some other examples of alternative medicine include massage, meditation, chiropractic techniques and practice, spiritual healing, exercise practices like Tai Chi, and aromatherapy. This is just a short list of an almost inexhaustible supply of other holistic therapies, such as Angel Therapy, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy and Reiki.

Alternative Practitioners

Alternative practitioners can often point to thousands of years of anecdotal evidence that suggests certain alternative practices are successful. The Western medical community largely stands opposed to such practices, but as complementary medicine has advanced, there are now medical schools that teach “alternative” methods. Many physicians now embrace complementary medicine because it creates more options for addressing a medical condition.

Some people turn to alternative medicine when the traditional medical community can offer them no help or cure for a condition. Again, anecdotal evidence suggests that certain therapies may help to improve quality of life for these people. Western physicians acknowledge the more established methods of alternative medicine and recommend alternative therapies for patients they cannot help through traditional medicine. While some physicians remain sceptical, alternative medicine is often looked upon as a last resort strategy.
Luna Holistics

Today we are concentrating on alternative medicine, which includes the use of aromatherapy and other therapy treatments.  Our courses in holistic therapy provide you with all you need to start practicing as a professional therapist.  Additionally we provide training in palmistry or professional reading. You can take as little or as long as you like to study. Remember your diploma and exam are all in the price of the course, there are no extra costs.

Our Students

As soon as students enroll we guarantee that your course is with you within 24 hours.  We are so confident with the quality of our courses that we offer a 7 day back guarantee if you are not happy –  a service that our other competitors do not offer.
Many of our students have commented on how easy it is to study; our courses are comprehensive, easy to follow and fun.  Within a short length of time they have been able get back the price of the course, been able to work as many hours as they want and earn quite a lot of money in doing something that they love to do.


Our personal tutor service includes support before and after study – we can offer advice on how you get started.   We include some personal marketing tips should you need them – again much more than our competitors can offer.  Our team has many years experience in holistic therapies, palmistry/tarot reading, training and marketing so we know that we can offer the best advice available.

Free Holistic Guides
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