Angel Case Study

Published on 21 September, 2011 | Angels

 Angel Therapy Case Study


I have known X for several years and although she has told me she doesn’t meditate, she does do yoga and understands the breathing techniques with regards to calming and relaxing the body.

X came to see me for some help regarding an emotional (and in the past some physical) issues she had been experiencing.  She has been feeling unhappy and emotionally out of sorts for some time and was looking for a bit of guidance.  X had split up with her partner of 3 years who had always been a strong and domineering force in her life.  This is what had caused a lot of arguments and ultimately a breakdown in the relationship.  X came to see me about 2 months after the breakdown of her relationship.

I commenced her treatment with some relaxing herbal tea and lavender in my oil burner and asked her to relax and breathe calmly to get her into a relaxed state of mind.  X advised she liked essential oils to smell but preferred not to have any on her body as she has very sensitive skin.

·                        I have a set of chakra stones which I cleansed first in a salt water mix, held the stones and sensed the energies, asked to be connected and said a few words of dedication and directed thoughts about my treatment with X;

·                         I had X lie down and relax while I placed the chakra stones on the each of the 7 major chakras:

·                         Red garnet on the root chakra;

·                         Orange calcite on the sacral chakra;

·                         Citrine crystal on the solar plexus chakra;

·                         Rose quartz on the heart chakra;

·                         Blue agate on the throat chakra;

·                         Charoite on the third eye chakra; and

·                         Amethyst crystal on the crown chakra.

·                         I commenced a guided imagery mediation to clear the chakras by having her breathe a white light golden through her crown chakra and cleansing each of the chakras from the root chakra up to the crown chakra – removing any dark and dull spots (blockages) and leaving a clear, shiny vibrant, strong coloured wheel spinning in unison at each chakra.

·                     X commented at the end of the cleansing of a tingling feeling and also of having some emotional feelings at the time that brought a tear to her eye.

·                         I then had my client seated comfortably and had her hold tigers eye in her right hand an emerald crystal in her left hand and then called upon Archangel Michael to her right and Archangel Raphael to her left and asked them to assist her in her healing – Michael to especially assist with her physical and emotional healing and Raphael to assist with the healing of her body and spirit.  I felt a close connection with them throughout the meditation.

·                         I explained to Debbie that her angels are with her always, even in times of distress and due to freewill, she only need call upon them for help, guidance and comfort.

·                         I then finished with a card reading for Debbie and had her shuffle my cards (Archangel Oracle cards – ) and asked her to think of a question whilst shuffling, cut the deck and reveal her card – she drew “Take Back Your Power! Archangel Raziel:  Use your God-given power and intention to manifest blessings in your life”.  I was very happy with the card she pulled as it couldn’t have been a better indication to her that her angels were with her and guiding her.  She was very surprised that she drew that particular card.

·                         X said at the end of the hour that she felt warm, safe and very relaxed, she was feeling very happy which she said she had not felt in a quiet a long time.

·                         I advised X to continue with her yoga as that would ground and centre her and give her confidence and strength in herself.  I also encouraged her to begin enjoying mediation, to take her time and empower herself with her angelic connections.

·                        X is going to come and see me again in about a months time for another session.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the treatment and felt positive, confident, not ego driven, yet guided by the angels throughout.



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