Are you bored at work?

Published on 30 July, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

bored at workWe all get from bored time to time. Boredom is a sign that what you are doing is not in tune with what you want to do. After all if you are watching a good film or involved in a sporting activity that you love, then being bored would be the last thing on your mind.

All jobs may have some boring aspects to it, however if you are finding yourself more bored than motivated then this is a genuine sign that you are not living your lifes purpose and it maybe time to re-think your job.


Boredom sets in when you lose site of your desires, passions, dreams and goals. When was the last time you even thought about those?  If you are doing a dreary job but really fantasize about opening up your own business or writing that novel, then maybe its time to start taking some action.

Tips to get you back on track.

  1. Pen and paper is a great way to start. Write down 3 things you are interested in.
  2. Now choose one thing from your list and carefully consider how you can start to bring this into your life. For example you may have always wanted to work  with animals, but find yourself stuck in an office or at a checkout scanning dog food instead.
  3. Read up about the subject you are interested in and start to feel how wonderful it would feel to be amongst your furry friends?  Spend a little time day dreaming and pretend now that you are doing, working living and breathing your new job.   Day dreaming is not a waste of time but an important way to get yourself attuned to the right vibrations to bring into your life the very things, situations and people to help make it a reality.

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