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Astrology and Crystals – Since mankind first walked on this planet, man has looked upwards and gazed at the heavens, convinced that divine forces in the sky control our destiny.

For over four thousand years, astrology has been an important influence. The seven major planets in our solar system symbolise the mixture and interaction of all essential forces of the universe and nature. This seven-fold nature of the planets also corresponds to the seven rainbow colours and seven notes of the musical scale. Thus throughout our lives, we have the melody of our ruling planets in our bodies and never is this planetary influence so strong as at the moment when we are born. Both mother and child need their appropriate stones near them at that time to strengthen the planetary influences even further. Seven has always been a mystical number. It is tied in with the seven chakras and seven ages of man: The number seven pervades our whole universe. Numerology developed as another way of showing the harmonies and relationships of the divine forces.

There are ninety or so chemical elements that constitute all matter on earth. These are represented in the planets as well as the human body and the earth’s minerals themselves. This means that we are not different and isolated from the earth or the universe. Our bodies reverberate to celestial vibrations through the medium of precious stones. Thus precious stones can attract the planetary forces to us. When we understand this, we can use certain stones to attract to us the planetary forces that govern us at birth. These are the forces our soul needs to help it on its path in this lifetime. Crystals and gemstones can act as electrical receivers, receiving the electro-magnetic vibrations from its owner’s planetary ruler and transmitting them with increased power. It is also useful to wear or use stones that are not astrologically matched with your planet, as we are not born under the rule of one planet alone. The forces are created by the harmonies and configurations of all the planets at the time of birth.

Over hundreds of years the planets move in relation to the calendar and therefore we should not rely on calculations that were correct centuries ago. This is why conscientious astrologers will make corrections for these changes and planetary shifts.

Each stone therefore, is related to the vibrations of a particular planet. This planet will also be connected to a colour and a musical note. Every planet and stone can also be linked to one of four metaphysical elements: Earth, Water, Air & Fire.

When working with stones it is also helpful to relate their qualities to the energies of these four elements. The elements heal on all levels because they are essential forms of life-force energy.
Earth Energy

This energy helps us on a physical level. Earth qualities are deepening, focusing, stabilising and keep us centred. Earth stones help us to keep practically minded with our feet on the ground. We receive earth energy from the food we eat which contains minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are all essential to the body.

Cornelian, chrysoprase, lapis lazuli (earth/fire), jade (earth/air), smoky quartz, bloodstone (earth/fire), garnet and all red stones have earth energy.

Water Energy

Our body is made up of over 70% water. So water energy has a strong affect on our energy fields. Herbal baths and swimming strengthens these fields, while water also cleanses and purges our emotions. Water qualities are flowing, surrendering, harmonising, and accepting. Water governs the emotions and stones relating to the water element help us integrate with one’s higher self through the emotional body.

These stones all have water energy: Aventurine, aquamarine, calcite, moonstones, pearl, opals, coral, tourmaline, sugilite, rhodochrosite, rose quartz (water/earth).
Air Energy

Air energy raises one’s vibrations to the spirit. Air uplifts and is purifying. We take in prana or life-force energy through our breath. We are therefore breathing in these cosmic forces. Air energy assists in spiritual growth when an individual feels out of touch with their intuition or higher self.

Amber, amazonite, amethyst, citrine, topaz, turquoise (earth/air), moss agate, moldavite, purple flourite, emerald, diamond (air/fire) are among those stones that have air energy.
Fire Energy

By merging with the fire energy of a stone, one learns to focus on the life-force energy. This gives a power that we need to learn to use with wisdom. Fire qualities are purifying, stimulating, expansive and action-oriented.

Stones with fire energy: Ruby, obsidian, opal, peridot, rutilated quartz, sapphire, tiger’s eye, pyrite, fire agate.


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