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Published on 19 August, 2011 | Auras


Working with auras and chakras is an integeral part of working as a  holistic therapist. For many years we have been offering free reports in chakras and auras however due to student demand we are now pleased to introduce our Accredited Certificate Course in Chakra and Aura Healing.

As many of you may already know the chakras are so important and relevant to our health and well being and as a therapist it is up to you to help keep your clients chakras in balance, however we must not forget that the Aura also plays a huge part and this is why this course will teach you how to not only balance and align chakras  but also to cleanse the aura of harmful energies or blockages.

Using  A Pendulum

Balancing chakras is easiest done using a pendulum, this will quickly show you which chakras are out of balance or need some attention. We will teach you how to use a pendulum, and how to use it.

Also you will learn about reiki or chakra stones and crystals. Where and how to place them and which stone relates to which chakra.


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