Birthstones and Crystal Healing

Published on 2 August, 2018 | Crystal Healing


How to make crystal water

The first step in crystal healing healing is to make use of your birthstones. Become aware of their powers. Hold them, wear them and keep them near you. You will get to recognise their energies and connect with their spiritual consciousness. Crystal healing stones are powerful and help to disperse energy where needed.


A beginners guide to Crystal healing – If you are treating a patient, you can also recommend they obtain three stones related to their star sign. One stone should be a precious gem. This stone should be clear and bright, bringing with it high vibrations and qualities of inspiration, purity and clarity together with the highest love. The second stone should be a touchstone, one that brings harmony, peace and healing. The third stone is a talisman, a stone of protection.


Crystal Water

amethyst crystal water bottle

Gemstone Bottles – choose the right crystal healing water bottle

A small quartz crystal that has been cleansed can purify water of any etheric pollution when placed in the bottom of a non-metallic container filled with tap water. Allow it to remain undisturbed for twelve hours. You could also place the water in natural sunlight if using a glass container. The stone’s energies will neutralize any psychic impurities in the water. Solarising the water in this way will also amplify the effect of the crystal. When drunk, this crystal clear water will have a wonderful cleansing affect on the bloodstream. Take it with other types of essences, especially flower essences, or vitamins. The gem water will promote the action of these elixirs. If you purify your tap water in this way you will never have to buy bottled spring water again!

“By drinking a few glassfuls of crystal water every day you will build up your auric defenses”

This will also build up your immune system that will help in your body’s defense against colds and flu. You can use crystal water for cooking, making hot beverages, washing your hands and face and watering plants.

Gem Water
Gem water is made in the same way as crystal water, but using a cleansed gem instead of a quartz crystal. Drinking gem water is an excellent way of becoming aware of the healing properties of different gems. Label the gem water so that you know which gem you are using at any one time. You will need to allow 2-3 weeks to allow the gem water to do its work before moving on to a different gem water. Keep notes on your feelings before taking the water and the differences you feel afterward. You will need to make fresh gem water every 2-3 days. However, if you want to keep it for a longer period of time, it would be better to make a gem essence.

Gem Essence
A gem essence provides a balanced pattern of specific energy that operates in the same way as a subliminal tape. It plays the same pattern of vibrations over and over again. This sets up a sympathetic rhythm in the etheric, which picks up the positive blueprint that the physical body ultimately copies. While taking herbal remedies affects the etheric and the physical body, gem elixirs also affect the emotional, mental and spiritual subtle bodies.

How to make a gem essence:
•    Place a stone in a clear glass container that has been sterilized by pouring boiling water over it. Add spring or distilled water.
•    Ask the Devic kingdom for help in charging the water for healing.
•    Cover the container and place it in the sun for several hours. You may wish to leave it out for twenty-four hours under a full moon. This allows both the dynamic energies from the sun and the moon to activate the gem. Moon energies are very beneficial for emotional healing and would particularly suit gems related to the water element.
•    Once the gem water is ready, boil up a number of brown glass dropper bottles to sterilize them. Do not use plastic droppers, as they will melt when heated!
•    Fill the bottle halfway with your gem water. Fill the remainder with a good quality drinking alcohol such as vodka or gin. You could also use brandy. Your gem essence is now made up of 50% gem water and 50% drinking alcohol.
Label and date each bottle and use within a few months for the best effects.  Again, keep notes on your feelings before and your feelings after taking the essence.


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