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Published on 18 December, 2015 | Case Studies

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Colour Therapy to help with Dental Issues



Prior to Clients appointment I washed my hands, grounded myself and mentally projected a shield around myself and my treatment room so that I would be protected from any harmful energies during our session and Client would have protection and security during her session. When Client arrived I sat down with her and asked her some questions so I could start her treatment card.

Client said she wanted some help with the very serious dental problems she was suffering from. She had major tooth decay which was weakening her dramatically and starting to cause her heart palpitations. I made sure she understood that this session was not to be a substitute for proper dental care and that she should see a dentist. She understood and said she had no insurance and money was tight and it might be a little while until she could find a good dentist. Meanwhile she hoped that I could help her some with reducing her pain, balancing her energy, promoting healing and stimulating her immune system. She worried that she might be too weak to survive the dental work and hoped the energy work might help her be a bit stronger so she might be able to fight and heal better. She said she wasn’t expecting a miracle or anything and that she just wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help. She said she wasn’t on any medications currently. She was using Young Living essential oils which seemed to be helping a bit. I asked her the oils and she said she used: wintergreen, clove, peppermint, Thieves and PanAway mostly.

Selecting Colours – Client said her favorite colors were blue, teal blue greens and purple. Since blue people can tend to have problems with their throat chakra area, it made sense with her dental issues. Purple matched with her artistic interests and combined with the blue made sense that singing had been a lifelong passion. She said she hated pink and red. This told me she probably had a fair amount of anger built up. She told me she could lie down very well without inducing heart palpitations and flaring up inflammation and nerve pain, so she asked if she could do the session sitting up. I told her that would not be a problem. I had Client sit back in a chair and get comfortable.

Treatment – I stood behind the chair, held my hands over her head and asked that my guides be present as well as Client’s and asked that I be guided to give the best treatment for her highest good and the harm of none. I started her treatment, by scanning her chakras with my hands. Her root chakra felt guarded which made sense given her anxiety and fear for her survival. Her sacral chakra appeared a bit muddy. Her solar plexus chakra felt imbalanced but fairly strong. Her heart chakra energy was pulled inwards and was blackened, unhealthy looking and weak. The inward pull on the energy indicated to me that her heart was sick and that she was pulling away from the rest of the world. I asked her if she had had a heartbreak recently. She said it was 18 years ago actually, but it was the most traumatic loss of her life and she has never gotten over it. It still feels like it happened yesterday. Her throat chakra energy felt dense, withdrawn, slow and congested. It was definitely not flowing properly. Her third eye chakra and crown chakra felt Ok and reasonably balanced compared to the others. While scanning her energy I also noticed inflammation going up the back of her head at the base of her skull. I noticed dark energy around the mandibular joints and up her left cheek bone. She said this matched up. Her wisdom teeth were the biggest problem and she had bone pain in her face.

Combining Psychometry – Strangely I felt drawn to the pentacle pendant she was wearing. I asked her if she wore it often. She said she never took it off. I asked her if she would be alright taking it off so I could hold it a moment. She said that would be fine but asked why. I told her I had been able to do psychometry and read objects for a few years and for some reason her pendant was speaking to me. Holding it in my hand I saw Client sitting on a large rock staring blankly at an open grassy field. She had long hair and was very casually dressed. I asked Client (in my vision) what she was doing. She said she didn’t know how to proceed. There was no path ahead of her and she felt lost with no sense of direction. She said she was afraid she would fall. “Fall where,” I asked. She briefly glanced behind her and I saw a deep bottomless black rocky crevice/pit with these demon like creatures climbing the walls. When I glanced back at her, I could see her hands, she wore fingerless gloves and her fingertips were bloodied from climbing up the sharp rocks. She said she felt so lost, she was tempted to go back to where she came from. Once the vision was finished, I told Client about what I saw. She said that was her. She used to have long hair and only cut it a few years ago. She worked in a warehouse back then and wore fingerless gloves at work all the time. She said she was in a very dark place back then. She was lost with no hope for the future and had been thinking about suicide since she was 11. After meeting her now ex-husband, she started turning her life around and worked very hard to follow a spiritual path. A couple years later, she started to get sick. It’s just been one health crisis after another. I asked her if she felt like she wanted to die now. She choked back tears. She said no. For the first time since she could remember she wanted to live. She was just so sick, she couldn’t see how she would ever be able to create the life she wanted. She was in so much pain, she questioned whether death would be the only option. She just wanted to get better and that’s why she was here.

Chakra Balancing – Hoping I could help her find her strength. I told her I would do my best and that she was stronger than she thinks she is. I handed her pendant back to her and she put it back on. I gave her a glass of blue solarized water to help fight the infections and take some of the strain off her battered immune system. I gave her a few moments to gather herself while I gathered some of my crystals. I told Client to relax while I worked on balancing her chakras. For her root chakra I used red calcite and mahogany obsidian. Calcite is good for bone and dental issues, mahogany obsidian is good for grounding, stability and protection and is gentler than black obsidian. I opened her chakras and gently spiralled the crystals over her root chakra directing the crystal energy into the chakra to heal and restore perfect balance and health as needed for Client’s highest good. I told Client to focus on breathing the red light up from the earth and into her root chakra, feeling safe and secure, to feel her strength and courage growing inside her as she filled with red light. Client said she could feel the strength filling her. After 5 minutes I switched out the crystals for copper and orange calcite, which called to me intuitively. I rotated the crystals through her energy field over her sacral chakra telling Client to focus on breathing the orange into her sacral chakra and feeling all of her emotions calming and stabilizing. I did this for 5 minutes. For her solar plexus chakra I selected 2 great detoxification crystals/stones, sulphur in quartz and amber. I rotated the crystals above the chakra directed their energy, while telling Client to focus on breathing in the yellow light into her solar plexus and feeling her confidence and self-esteem building and growing. She was finding her inner strength and claiming it. I did this for 5 minutes before moving to her heart chakra. I selected pink mangano calcite to bring gentle loving energy and promote bone and tooth health and selected a tree agate to give her gentle healing while enhancing her connection with nature and the world around her. I told Client to focus on breathing in a green light with gentle swirls of pink in it, and to feel the love of the universe, nature, all those who care about her, and most important her love of herself (the loving beautiful woman that she is) to fill her and surround her like a great big hug. She said she could feel a little heaviness and felt a tiny bit emotional. I assured her this was perfectly normal and Ok. She needed to give herself permission to process emotions that may come to the surface, either during the session or afterwards. I moved to her throat chakra and selected angelite and blue celestite to help give her gentle relief from pain and help her receive angelic support during her healing process.

Communication with guides – I told Client to breathe in the blue light into her throat chakra and feel her communication opening up, allowing her to share her concerns with those who care about her safely and easily. I told her to feel the love of her guides and angels with her, guiding her and supporting her as she goes on her healing journey. I assured her that she is not alone and that there are always those who are with her in this world and in the spirit world. After 5 minutes I moved to her third eye chakra using lapis lazuli and blue kyanite. I told Client to focus on breathing in the rich indigo blue light into her third eye chakra and feeling her intuition and psychic abilities strengthening, guiding her in the direction she needs to go to find healing for herself on every level and guiding her toward the path which will lead her into the future she wants. After 5 minutes I moved to her crown chakra with howlite (bones/teeth) and auralite 23 (for its combination of many powerful healing stones). I rotated the crystals over her crown chakra and told Client to feel her connection with the universe and to breathe in the brilliant white light swirled with violet down into her crown chakra. She could draw energy into herself whenever she feels she needs it to give her strength and energy. The universe is ever abundant and can help. After the initial chakra treatment, I worked on her jaw area specifically with malachite, aquamarine, blue fluorite and amazonite which I felt would be the best crystals to help with her pain and promote healing of her teeth.

Using Crystals – I rotated the crystals around her jaw area with both hands. I told Client to focus on allowing the crystals to draw out the infection in her teeth and all the harmful energy, restoring health. I worked on her like this for 10 minutes. Afterwards I used my selenite wand in combination with my chromotherapy torch. First I used the indigo light to help focus the energy and loosen any harmful energy build up in her teeth, gums and neck area, while I worked to extract the energy using my wand. I felt with this being such an intense color it was best to limit it to 5 minutes. After that time I switched to a blue light and continued the treatment for 10 more minutes. Once that was done I went back through her energy field with my hands and channelled energy, made sure her chakras were balanced and smoothed out her energy before closing her chakras.

Client feedback and aftercare advise – I asked Client how she felt. She said she wasn’t sure how much the pain was reduced, she said maybe a little, but she felt a bit stronger and felt some of her confidence coming back. She was happy with the results. I suggested to her that if she could find a food safe blue bottle or jar that she could fill it with filtered or bottled water sit it in the sun for a couple hours or in the moonlight overnight and rinse her mouth with it and sip some of the water throughout the day to help fight some of the infection. She said she’d have to look for one. I suggested she could wear a blue silk scarf to help keep the blue energy near her throat area. She said she had a scarf that would work. I mentioned that she could use the color breathing exercises to draw any color she needed at the time to a specific area whenever she needed it. I also suggested she try eating more orange foods, like peaches, apricots, carrots, etc; that they might help boost her immune system and help to give her more energy. I told her it’s important to balance the colors with an opposite color so you don’t get too much of a single color. I also stressed the importance of drinking lots of water each day to flush the toxins out of her body both physical and emotional. I also pointed out the importance of confiding in others and allowing them to help and give support. She doesn’t have to everything and she doesn’t have to go through this alone. She agreed and said she looked forward to our next session. I updated her treatment card and scheduled her next session. She contacted me the next day and told me she actually slept better that night than she had in a while and thanked me again for my help.

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