Case Study in Reflexology

Published on 2 July, 2015 | alternative therapies

Reflexology Case Study

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Example of a student massage case study

I choose to do a case study using Reflexology on the feet.  I prepared for my treatment by setting the mood with relaxing music and dimmed lights.  I prepared a mixture of epsom salts in hot water poured it over stones for a foot bath before my client arrived.  My client arrived and I had her complete a customer profile and treatment card.  We went over her health history in order to discuss any contra-indications.  We talked about the areas in need of focus so that I could be sure I would address the areas of in need of attention to help restore her health.  I had her sit in a comfortable chair and had her soak her feet for a few minutes to get them clean. I dried the feet and moved the client to a massage table, I had her lay on her back and I covered the upper body with a blanket to keep her warm and the relaxed.

I began the treatment on the right foot, leaving the left foot covered with a warm towel.  I lightly stroked the foot from the base of the heal and moved up to the toes where I began to focus on the head reflex area. My client gets tension headaches.  Supporting the big toe with the fingers of left hand and using my right thumb I used gentle walking motions moving up from the neckline to the top of the big toe. I repeated this motion 8 times in lines up the toe.  Next, I targeted to Brain reflex area as it also helps with stress induced headaches.  Supporting the big toe of the right foot with the fingers of my right hand, and used the thumb of my left hand and began walking my thumb outward to the medial area of the top of the big toe, making six rotations.  From that point I moved into the Occipital reflex point, supporting the right foot, then walked my thumb along the base of the big toe with c type strokes from right, circling up and hooking to the left and walked it into the crease between the big toe and second toe where a bone that juts out where I placed my thumb and held it with gentle pressure over the reflex point for ten seconds.

My client had some sinus congestion from allergies so I decided to incorporate Sinus reflex to help drain the sinus area.  Supporting the toes with one hand and using my other thumb to walk up the inside of the toes and then the outside beginning at the second toe and working your way to the fifth toe.  I continued with this motion working all the toes for two circuits.  I also incorporated the eye and ear reflex areas in case there was any pressure from the sinus aggravation.  Using my thumb placed under the base of the second toe all the way along to the fifth toe from the outside to the inside aspect of the foot completing a walk across this area for four circuits.

My client is a professional masseuse so I choose to focus on her shoulder reflex point since they build up tension as she works.  I felt she would appreciate the increased mobility.  I located the shoulder reflex point on the dorsal aspect of the foot which is found in between the fourth and fifth metatarsals.  Placing my index finger and thumb at the base of the fourth and fifth toes I began to slowly rock downward for four steps, working downward along the edge of the foot till I located the shoulder reflex point then I stopped and used the rocking technique on the spot for six seconds.
I continued and focused on the Wrist reflex point to release build up tension from her work activities.  I used my thumb to walk one step down the lateral aspect of the foot from the fifth toe then I placed gentle rocking pressure pushing into the wrist reflex point, and then make circles for six seconds.  To aid in her relief, I focused on the Elbow reflex point as well.  Working from the wrist reflex point with rocking motions I located the elbow reflex point and applied a light rocking motion as I pressed in to the elbow reflex point for six seconds.

Because my client was battling allergies and some chest congestion I targeted the lung reflex area to aid the respiratory health.  Supporting the foot with one hand, and using the thumb of my other hand, I motioned the movements working in between the metatarsals to properly stimulate the lung up from the diaphragm line to the eye/ear reflex area making two circuits.  Lower back and leg pain are often an issue for a massage therapist so I took aim at the sciatic reflex area.  I located this point on the foot horizontally across the redness of the heel. Supporting the foot with one hand I placed my other thumb halfway up the redness of the heel and motioned walking movements across the plantar aspect from inside to outside and then swap hands and walk back again making this motion circuit five times across the area.  I also addressed the lower back /sacrum reflex area to aid in physical relief.  Using my finger in a rocking motion I began to work from the knee reflex point to the back quarter of the heel, using slow precise movement for ten seconds.

I moved my focused on the lymphatics of the groin reflex area on the side of the anklebone. Using my index finger I began to rock my fingers upwards along each side of the anklebone slowly for ten seconds on each side of the anklebone From there, I shifted my focused to strengthen the body’s immune system I worked the upper lymphatic reflex area using the rocking technique on the dorsal aspect of the feet, working from the base of the toes towards the ankle in between the metatarsals working with medium pressure rocking up and then sliding back to make circles lightly between the clefts of the toes.  Finishing off the treatment of the right foot I administered the calf muscle massage using both hands I used gentle stroking motions on the lower area of the calf muscle behind the leg and work up towards the knee, thus pushing the lymph back up towards the heart.

I then finished the right foot and covered it with a towel to keep the foot warm and moved to the left foot where I completed the exact same motions I made on the right foot. Once I completed the left foot treatment I held both covered feet in my hands for 20 seconds and began the inner energy breathing technique.  When I completed this last step, asked how she was feeling great and very relaxed.  Once she stood up, said she could tell a difference in her balance.  I washed my hands and had the client drink some water and reminded her to hydrate to encourage the body to flush toxins from the system.  We set another appointment for next week.

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