Celtic Cross Tarot Reading – Case Study

Published on 12 May, 2017 | Holistic Therapy

tarot reader looking at tarot cards

Tarot Case Study

Celtic Cross


I placed the cards on the table, faced down, and turned them over one at a time,before looking at the overall picture.

Card 1- Present – Page of Wands – I felt that my client was a hard worker, she is young (22 years old), and generally very upbeat and positive.

Card 2 – Immediate challenge – The Star – I felt as though she was letting her negative thoughts affect her, she was actually in good health,with the world at her feet, her wishes and dreams could be fulfilled but her pessimistic attitude was getting in the way of it.

Card 3 – Distant past – The Sun (Reversed) – I felt as though she had been feeling unloved and unappreciated, her relationship broke down and she has spent a lot of time overthinking and this brought on her negative thinking.

Card 4 – Recent past – The Hermit (reversed) – Her relationship breaking down and how she has felt unloved has left her feeling lonely recently, she also hasn’t wanted to listen to any advice or help people give her.

Card 5 – Best Outcome – Chariot – I felt as though she needed to take a break,a holiday would be good for her, she needed a break away and to focus on herself. I saw movement and change for her, so maybe moving house. I also felt this card was a positive one for her to be able to overcome the challenges she has been facing, This would help turn her back on the negative thoughts she has been experiencing, she can move forward from this.

Card 6 – Immediate Future – 10 of cups – I felt my client would be more positive and happy, I saw a family celebration coming up for her in the next few weeks.

Card 7 – Factors affecting the situation – The Lovers – I felt that she has a decision to be made on a new relationship or a reconciliation, I explained that i felt she needed to remain balanced and look at every factor before deciding.

Card 8 – External factors – 8 of wands – I felt as though she will be travelling/going on holiday, there will be an end to her feeling stuck and confused.

Card 9 – Hopes and fears – Judgement – I felt as though my client was frightened of not being in control,she doesn’t like making decisions for fear of making the wrong one.She was also frightened of being unsuccessful, all she wants from life is success and this can make her impatient as she wants results immediately.

Card 10 – Outcome – Knight of Wands – In the future i saw my client in a new home,I also saw her close to a young man, who would be a very generous friend and possible lover, I felt as though he may get jealous but he would give her anything.I also told my client that she needs to be patient, let things happen naturally and things would soon turn around for her. I also felt that a new business proposal would be at hand for her, and it would be a success.

Tarot reading Summary

tarot reader looking at tarot cards


I summarised the reading by telling my client that she will be okay in the future, the feeling of being “stuck” is just temporary. She will be successful, she just needs patience and to think positive, the past has made her think negatively and now its time to be more confident. She can and will be successful, and she needs to stop doubting herself, she has a lot to look forward too.

My client confirmed that she has been feeling negative and she has let it bring her down at times, she is really trying to keep up being positive. She confirmed that her relationship broke down at the end of last year and it has left her feeling worthless, her ex partner also wants to reconcile with her as they have children together. She is planning a big party for her daughters birthday in 3 weeks, so she can take the family celebration, she is also going on holiday in June and she is taking steps to rent a new home. She also told me she is the most impatient person! My client was very shocked that I knew so much about her just from 10 cards. My client asked when she could come back again as she couldn’t wait! I told her I would read for her again, but to wait at least 3 months. She thanked me for reading for her, we had a hug and she told me she already felt more positive.

Case Study Completed

Course provider comments: – As you can see this is a very good case study and the reader was able to put her client at ease and offer a valid and rewarding reading.

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