Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Published on 26 August, 2012 | Free courses

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

This spread is quite possibly the most popular Tarot spread as it packs a great deal of information into a few cards and is usually right on target. It is excellent for a first spread for the consultant, and is also good as a conclusive spread.

It might look complicated at first glance. In fact the number of cards in the lay out, actually make it an excellent layout for the beginner. Having very specific cards for very specific purposes makes it easier to interpret. For this reason the Celtic cross spread is often described in the booklet included when you buy a new Tarot deck.

There are many variations of the Celtic cross; none are right or wrong. It is a great spread to experiment with. This is often use this as an opening spread, before any questions are asked of the client. It can tell you quite a lot of relevant information and takes into account their distant past, immediate past and present as well as their immediate future. It also tells you about their inner emotions, which even they may not be aware of; you must be confident when reading this, as sometimes it can reveal hidden fears that they may have but not be aware of until you bring it up.

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