Chakra Consultation

Published on 14 October, 2015 | Case Studies

  Chakra Consultation

Chakra and Aura Case Study Example


My client visited me after experiencing problem with stress related symptoms and indicating that she was having problems managing her stress levels. Before we began I spent some time discussing with my client her symptoms and assured her that our appointment today would be confidential. I explained that her pre treatment questionnaire was there for me gather enough information so that I would be able to devise a treatment plan that could cater to her needs. I submitted the following case study after having completed the Luna Holistic Homestudy Chakra & Aura course. Initial Consultation – Using Pe

We first spent time assessing her chakras using the pendulum technique.

The pendulum was placed over each chakra and its direction, speed and size were asked for. We constructed a chakra chart prior to this meeting, following our initial consultation so we were able to determine which chakra to work on and if any were unbalanced or over/under energised. We also used it to determine what colour crystals would be best to use. We used the pendulum, ensuring only yes and no questions were asked.
It was my opinion that the root chakra was under developed causing symptoms such as chronic fatigue, and also a possible over developed third eye chakra, as my client described symptoms such as racing thoughts, and a lot of planning but little completion.
We went on discuss meditation techniques and the benefits of meditation on health. We practised some short meditation techniques within the session such as breathing and stillness techniques, this was with a view to my client practising and perfecting these techniques in her own time, on a daily basis.

Discussing Auras

We took some to discuss auras. I followed the process of allowing my sight to become blurry to enable me to see my clients aura. My sight changed gradually until I was able to see that her aura was a dark brownish yellow/gold colour. My client described to me that she is currently studying towards a degree as a mature student. I therefore explained to her that the colour of her aura could relate to this as she is currently straining at studying and this is the major reason for her fatigue and stress levels. We went on to complete a short aura meditation exercise. Following this we took some time to note down some of my clients feelings during and after this meditation exercise. We then went on to cleanse my clients aura, we did this by spraying the aura with the essential aura of lime that had been diluted in a small dark glass spray bottle. My client reported feeling more invigorated following this. We performed an aura cleaning exercise by placing my palm down over the area to be cleared, with fingers spread out. The drawing out technique of the hand was used several times before moving on. My hands were shook to remove impurities before the next drawing out motion was performed.
The stones we used for our chakra clearing session are listed below;
Crown chakra, amethyst
Third eye chakra, sodalite
Throat chakra, blue lace agate
Heart chakra, rose quartz
Solar plexus chakra, yellow agate
Sacral chakra, carnelian
Base chakra, ruby
Stones had been cleansed and charged prior to our appointment. They had been soaked in a non metal container with sea salt and water and left under a direct moonlight all night.
Corresponding stones were placed on the relevant chakras. I asked my client to visualise healing as I did, we imagined the colour of the stone penetrating each chakra in turn. As we exhaled, we visualised healing colour radiating out from the chakra into the world around us. As we continued to inhale and exhale we felt the colour of the stone energising my clients body. Gentle music was playing in the background and we bathed in the stones light for twenty minutes. Following this process my client was offered, and accepted a glass of water.

Aftercare advise
Following our session we discussed relaxation techniques that could be practised at home and recommendations were made in relation to chakra clearing.
From completion of this treatment I decided that for future treatments it would be of benefit to me to have a longer consultation session with my client, to spend more time discussing symptoms and how these are affecting my clients daily life. This could either be done face to face, over the telephone or via email depending on the availability and time constraints of my client. I believe this would improve the quality of my sessions and would enable me to have more techniques for my client to use following their session.



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