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Published on 14 November, 2013 | Colour Therapy


colour breathingThe air we breathe is essential to life. When we are born we take in our first breath and when we die we breathe in our last. Air is permeated with forces of light and colour energy so we can breathe this vital force into us. When we exhale our diaphragm relaxes, inducing relaxation throughout the whole body. When we are upset or in shock, we are told to breathe deeply as this changes our energies: breathing is nourishment.
The majority of us only ever breathe shallowly but it would be of great benefit to us if we became more conscious of our breathing. The early morning is a good time to take in some deep breaths, preferably by an open window.
You may have noticed that you tend to breathe more deeply when you are by the sea. Water calms our emotions and is purifying. The calm sea makes us breathe in time to the rhythms of the lapping waves. The rougher sea contains tiny globes of light and electricity which, when we breathe in, energises us.
There are ways we can maximise our breathing through practicing different exercises. Universal breathing is a yoga breathing technique that helps us maximise the intake of prana, which is pure light energy.
1.    Close your left nostril and breathe in deeply with your right to the count of 4.
2.    Hold your breath for the count of 16
3.    Close your right nostril and breathe out of your left nostril to the count of 8.
Universal breathing can be used with colour, thinking of its attributes as you breathe.
Colour breathing uses the power of thought vibrations reinforced by the effects of colour vibrations to act with positive effect on our etheric bodies. This helps correct imbalances and energises areas of energy which may be depleted. Colour affirmations also help us gain the most from positive thinking.

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