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Published on 3 February, 2013 | Colour Therapy


Colour and music are closely linked as they are both vibrations. As a colour vibration slows down, it becomes a sound. Thus every colour has a sound and every sound a colour. If you think of an electric storm, first we see the flash of lightening and then a little while later when the light vibration slows down, we hear the thunder clap. Music, like colour, shares many terms in common, for instance, tone, pitch, intensity. The seven rainbow colours correspond to the seven notes on the diatonic scale. The twelve semi-tones on the chromatic scale correspond to the twelve planets. Each planet spinning on its axis emits a note.

Violet      B

Indigo     A

Blue        G

Green     F

Yellow    E

Orange   D

Red         C (middle)

When sound vibrations slow down to a certain wavelength, the density of these sounds creates forms. All matter is therefore colour and sound waves slowed down and held at a certain pitch, so that the object appears solid to our eye. It is, therefore, not surprising that every object gives off a sound, which is its keynote. Every thing from a molecule to a solar system possesses a keynote of its own. The sum total of all the keynotes make what is referred to as the ‘music of the spheres’.

Everything pulsates at a different rhythm, including the universe, flowers, trees, grasses. The wind and waves have their own rhythm, the tides come in on majors and go out on minors. In our bodies there is the rhythm of the heartbeat and flow of the blood around us. We also have seven musical lights which correspond with the seven chakras and seven-toned musical scale. These coloured and musical energy centres are in the etheric body, not the physical one.

So our organs all emit their own notes and the overall blending makes the keynote of the individual, sounding like the humming of a bee. We are all drawn to people who have keynotes which harmonise with our own and dislike others who clash with our own music and colours. We are drawn to music which resonates with our keynote. We can also be drawn to seasons, places, colour and music for the same reason. Try to find the key of your favourite song or piece of music.

The healing qualities of music soothe and heal our emotions. Sound, like fragrance, bypasses the conscious mind and has an immediate effect on our soul. The need for self-expression is not satisfied by speaking alone, but also by music. Its rhythms and harmonies, the pattern of its sounds and silences make a powerful impact on our senses, often touching feelings too deep or difficult to express in words. Like using colour expressively in art, music can be used in times of emotional or mental trauma, grief or loss.

Colour and sound link to the sub-conscious mind. Our conscious mind is always censoring our thoughts and feelings. Through art and music therapy we can discover and release deep emotional blocks and come to terms with deep inner feelings and desires. Releasing these inner feelings is a healing process. This helps us let go of the past and also negative patterns of thinking and behaviour, so bringing about wonderful changes to our life.

Music and colour can reach disharmony in the subtle bodies. Music, aroma, homoeopathic and Bach remedies all work on the etheric plane.

Extract for Luna holistics Colour Therapy Diploma Course

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