Colour Therapy for self-love

Published on 15 August, 2017 | Holistic Therapy

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Colour Therapy Case study for self love

colour therapy for self-love

My client is my long time friend. She is a 51 year old woman, mother of 3 teenage children, divorced, working full time. She is constantly on the go running around after everyone and doesn’t feel appreciated, feels taken for granted. She often feels lethargic, low energy and recognises some work and home related stress. She has no time for herself. She has no me time, bath nights, early to bed with a book…

I welcome Client on arrival and ask her to have a seat, remove her shoes and make herself comfortable. She opts for a glass of water rather than herbal or green tea which I bring to her and sit in the chair opposite. We have chat about today’s expectations for her and I explain a bit about colour therapy and how it works.

Client Expectation: Client would like to be able to feel less guilty about taking time for herself as she is always in demand from other family members or friends. She is in need of some self love. She is tense and feels stressed as work and home life leave her with no time for herself. She would also like to feel a bit more energetic as her energy levels are low.
Before beginning the treatment, I explain a little about it. Colour therapy is a holistic treatment and ultimately the healing of the whole person. The person being given the treatment will benefit from the effects of the therapy today and further sessions if taken, however it would be beneficial for that person to look at their whole lifestyle. Diet for instance is a major part of the self healing process, eat the rainbow! (I put emphasis on this as I know her diet to be poor!)

Grounding – Before taking Client through to the treatment area, I talk her through the treatment I have planned; Firstly, I will ground her and ask for the treatment to be offered for her higher good. Then I will talk her through a breathing and visualisation exercise involving colour, this will be followed by a crystal treatment to remove any negative energy lingering. Silk scarves will then be placed on her body and I will leave her to relax quietly for about 20 minutes. I will then smooth her energies, balance her chakras, her energy centres and then seal her aura.
She has no questions so we proceed to the treatment area.

I ask Client to lie on the bed, which ever way she feel comfortable. She lies on her back and I ask her to close her eyes and relax. I stand at the top of the bed with my hands over her head. I ground myself and her and ask for protection and guidance, envisioning a pure white light surrounding us both, and offer the treatment for Client’s higher good.

Colour Breathing – I start with a colour breathing exercise – Speaking in a low tone I ask Client to relax and envision she is sinking down onto the bed, she is feeling heavy and relaxed. Breathe slowly and deeply, in…out. Visualise pure white light being breathed in, cleansing. Then grey cloudy breath out, getting rid of the impurities within. Each time the breath out is getting cleaner and less cloudy until it is pure white breath in and out. On the final out breath of the exercise the white breath out surrounds her and stays with her as protection.

colour breathing

Now I ask her to imagine a colour. Imagine this colour vividly in her mind then breathe in the colour. I don’t ask her what the colour is only tell her that if it is colour with red, orange, yellows to visualise breathing in from her feet, if it is a colour with blueish hues to breathe in through her crown and if green in nature to envision breathing in through her heart. Breathe the colour in deeply and imagine it travelling though the body, healing and relaxing, restoring energy. I repeat this two more times.

Crystals – Now I want to clear any negative energy. I place a clear quartz crystal at her crown facing downwards and a rose quartz between her legs facing upwards then using a clear quartz point facing downward, I form small circles moving down her left side and up her right side back to her crown, touching both crystals as I pass to form a connection. I repeat another twice.
Using silk scarves, I place a green over Client’s body and tuck in around her neck and I place a rose pink loosely over her head. I leave Client for 20 minutes.

I have chosen green to harmonise and balance and to reduce stress and tension. I have chosen pink as a complementary colour and for it’s self love promoting properties.

Colour therapy with reiki – To end the treatment, using Reiki, with the palms of my hands I feel over Client’s body from crown to feet for any stickiness or build up of energy. Moving back to her crown I smooth over her aura down to her feet. Now I balance the chakras by holding my palms above the crown and root, brow and sacral, throat and solar plexus and finally the heart.
Clearing aura and chakras – Using a quartz crystal point facing downwards, I make a figure of 8 over Client’s body starting at the throat, over her head, back across her throat, down to her lower body and back to her throat. I repeat this several times, sealing her aura.
Using the same exercise as at the beginning of the treatment, I ground us both and give thanks for all received. gently touch Client’s shoulder to indicate the session has ended. I leave her for a few minutes to gather herself and return with a glass of water. I ask if she would like a cup of green or herbal tea and leave her for another few minutes on her own.

reiki consultation and case study

I return with the tea and we sit together to discuss how Client felt during the treatment and how she feels now.
Feedback – She loved the visualisation exercise and said it made her feel so relaxed and peaceful and almost unaware of her surroundings. I tell her she can do that at home, she just has to make time for herself. She only needs a few minutes of alone time, a quiet and peaceful space and she can practice the visualisation and breathing exercise. As she becomes used to it she will want to incorporate it into her morning or evening routine.

I give her a card with the colour affirmations written on it and suggest she tries a few of these, possibly to begin with red and orange for energy and green and blue for peace and healing. Overall Client feels relaxed and has enjoyed the treatment. She feels she would benefit with another few sessions over the next few weeks.
Selecting a Crystal – Client chooses a crystal from a selection I offered her. I suggest she carries it with her and gets used to it being around her and let it get used to her vibration. I give her advice on cleansing and programming it and suggest she has it close to her when meditating or practicing her colour visualisation.

Aftercare advice – drink plenty of water, eat lightly relax and take some “me” time to have an early night or a bath, go for a walk. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and heavy food.
Going forward I suggest she does looks at her diet, increase water consumption to at least 5 glasses daily, reduce alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drink intake. Take time each morning or evening, only 10 minuets, to meditate or do some colour breathing. Throughout the day or whenever she is feeling stressed or under pressure, no matter where, she can take a few moments to practice the exercise we did at the beginning of the treatment – white breath in, cloudy breath out.

Note & follow up treatments; this is the case study of the first treatment I did on Client. She has now had another 2 and is feeling great. Even just taking the time to come for the treatments is giving her a sense of self love. She is trying with the diet. She is taking the time for the visualisation each morning and really feels the difference. She is as busy as before but has the energy to cope and is enjoying the people around her and not feeling the pressure as she did previously.

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