Colour Tips for the Home

Published on 20 August, 2012 | Alternative Therapies

Colour Therapy in the Home

Colour in the home plays a central role in establishing the quality for light in our living environment. With a few tricks it is not only possible to transform the ambiance of a room can also visually alter the dimensions.

Below are a few examples:

  1. Lower high ceiling by using a dark colour
  2. Using the same colour hue for both ceilings and walls will make a room look bigger
  3. Widen the look of narrow rooms by painting the short end walls a dark colour and the two adjoining walls a lighter shade
  4. Warm up cold rooms by using pinks, coral, red or sunshine yellow
  5. Hot rooms that let direct sunlight in can be cooled down with light blues, greens and whites
  6. Make big rooms cosier by painting the walls and ceilings with dark warm colours
  7. Small rooms look bigger if painted light shades
  8. To lengthen a short hallway use cream, pale lilac or light blue on the far wall
  9. Using different shades and tones of the same colour in a room can make it look very stylish. Consider for instance using turquoise blue with navy or violet teamed with lilac. Choose similar colour vases and cushions to add extra class.

Not only is it good to use colour in the home but colour is also very powerful for healing. There are now fully trained colour therapists who can help not only transform your home but also your life. Courses are accredited by the international practitioners of holistic medicine. For details on this visit

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