Cosmic Ordering, does it really work?

Published on 5 February, 2012 | Uncategorized


Well does it work – it seemed to for Noel Edmunds, after all that’s when most of us normal people heard about it. He swears blind that it helped him kick start his career again and it must have worked because he even wrote a very successful book, so it certainly kicked started his bank balance again.

But the real queen of getting what you want when you want and who you want was Barbel Mohar she wrote a best selling book on how to ask and put out a cosmic order and get it within days, sometimes minutes.  I personally now wonder if angels are not another way of connecting with the cosmos, and after having studied the angel therapy course I can certainly see that I am getting guidance from somwhere.  What would you order if you can have anything in the world? can it really bring health wealth and happiness, well one thing is for certain, we do tend to attract what we want, and our thoughts are very powerful, so if you don’t want lots of money then keep telling yourself that you really don’t have enough of the stuff and see how quickly that happens. However by changing your thought pattern slightly you can put a different message out to the cosmos, for instance, instead of saying I just have not got enough try changing it to I have plenty of money, and I am grateful for all this money coming to me?? Yes lot easier said than done. But if you need any help along the way I can recommend the cosmic ordering service and its free.



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