Attracting Money

Published on 25 October, 2010 | Free courses


With our simple to do free cosmic guide you will soon be attracting exactly what you want and not what you don’t want. Quite often if you ask someone for example what type of house they want, they may start telling you what they dont’t want, such as I dont want a big garden and I dont want one on a main road etc….  Again ask them to describe their perfect partner and they may say something like, well he has to be tall,  but not too tall and I don’t want someone who is married or has no money.

Now I am sure you will agree that just with the two examples above we can now see what thoughts these people are putting out and the chances are that’s exactly what they are going to attract. The reason for this is the cosmos does not know the difference between the intention of not wanting or wanting. However it will pick up your feelings and vibrations, so if you are too busy imagining what you do not want, then you are not leaving room for the cosmos to pick anything else up from you. So you need to change the way you ask. I hear many people saying that cosmic ordering does not work….. Well there you go then, they have just prooved themselves right. Now lets see what happens when you change your thought patterns and change the way you order things.

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