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Published on 12 May, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

How to create a herb garden using crystals

herbal crystal garden case study

lady walking in crystal herbal garden

Back in early spring I started work on my herb garden with a little vegetable patch on the other side, after removing all my lovely weeds from Mother Earth.

I first planted a few crystals back into the earth, before planting them I programmed the crystals them by asking for their help in growing this little herb patch to watch over it while the herbs grow to their full potential, to do this I placed a few double pointed quartz crystals along the edging placing a few amethyst, aventurine and sodalite to support the natural healing of the ground.

Potting Herbs
I then set about potting up a few herb plants and placing them into the ground a few weeks apart as I didn’t want them all coming up at once, they were potted so that they didn’t take over the whole area, after covering them with top soil I placed a little clear quartz crystal on top of each pot, to remind me where the pots had been planted along with the name tags of each herb, I then went about making a border around my herb garden.  I had done a little research on Google about making boarders for herb gardens using the correct crystals and these are the crystals I’ve used and why I’ve used them in the garden,

Agate Moss, for this being a transparent stone that has inclusions of minerals which makes this stone look like it has foliage in its matrix and great to use for the border.

Daphnite, the stone of transformation and transmutation which helps to facilitate with the communication of the plant world, this stone I used to empower my intentions and ask to watch over the garden, keeping all the little animals off my plant bedding, and make sure the cats didn’t do any digging and hopefully stay from the herb beds.

Quartz Crystals as these stones are primarily made up of silicon dioxide one of the most important substances that can be used around the garden layout.
I thought that laying quarts below the ground and above the ground would strengthen its power to keep all in place.

I placed a large Rose Quartz in the middle of the plot helping all the crystals to make their connections with a few onyx on either side to help keep the little garden pests away and for my final touch I used Sea salt along the borders to help keep the slugs at bay.

The prepping of the ground and planting took just over 4 weeks and the seed went into the ground in May time, by the end of July I had to lift out some of the herbs and put them into larger pots as they were getting far too big,

I had an abundance of herbs, some rosemary, mint, lavender which smelt wonderful, thyme, coriander, sage and lemon grass.

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