Crystal Therapy Case Study

Published on 21 February, 2012 | Working with Crystals

Details of treatment: Opening and Balancing of the chakras

Firstly before my client arrived I prepared my treatment room making sure it was warm and comfortable.

My client arrived and I completed a treatment card with him.  He reported that he had no issues or worries at the moment and so I decided to do the above mentioned treatment on him.

I then got my client to lie on the treatment bed, I made sure he was comfortable and I explained to him what I would be doing.

Before laying out the crystals I took the time to tune into my client’s higher self and asked for healing to be given for their highest good.

I then chose a stone for each of the chakras and placed them in their appropriate position, I intuitively felt I had to use clear quartz crystals for all the chakras they were all placed with their points facing upwards.  I then linked these crystals with my generator 7 times to form a protective seal.  Then I ran the generator from the feet to the head and back down again 5 times.

I then balanced the chakra energy 2 at a time.  As I felt the energy build up in each I pushed it up and down until I could feel no more.

I could feel that his third eye chakra was undersized so I used a quartz crystal with the point facing downwards to balance this charka.  As the crystals touched I could feel the charka balance and the release all stagnant energy, I could then see clairvoyantly that this chakra was now the same size as the others.

I then scanned his etheric body for any areas of build up of energy.  I detected a very slight build up over the solar plexus so holding my hand over that chakra with a crystal point in the other I used myself as a transmitter to lift the energy.

I left my client for about 10 minutes after this treatment.  I asked him what he had felt during the treatment and made notes.  He told me he felt more energised and whilst his eyes had been closed had seen vivid colours in his mind’s eye.

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