Crystal Therapy – Healing Properties of Jasper

Published on 12 February, 2012 | crystals


By: Mercedes Aspland

In this article we are going to look at what crystal therapy is, as well as the properties of jasper. Once we have explored the properties of jasper we will consider ways in which you can use it to your advantage and the conditions that can be helped by jasper.

What is Crystal Therapy?

The principle behind crystal therapy is that each crystal has a specific energy. This energy acts on the body and the mind of a person and can result in a change of mental and physical health. The way in which crystals are used can very quite significantly but the basic idea is that a person comes into close proximity with a crystal on a regular basis. It is important to fully assess the situation to ensure you find the right crystal for your particular condition.

What are the Properties of Jasper?

Jasper is a crystal that is a variety of quartz and is often known as the supreme nurturer. It is thought to be a stone that can support people particularly through times of stress to help bring about peace and calm. There are many different colours of jasper and although it has general healing properties each of the different colours will have their own healing properties.

Healing Properties of Jasper

Some of the general healing properties of jasper include the fact that it can help bring about tranquillity as well as help absorb negative energy. It is thought that jasper can help to remove environmental pollution including radiation. It has a number of emotional benefits including aiding with honesty, and also giving courage. People who use jasper may find it can help with quick thinking and their organisation as well as stimulating their imagination. If you are suffering from a long term illness it may offer support by re-energising the body.

In addition to the above properties we have also put a list of the properties by type of jasper below:

1. Black Veined Jasper – this stone is one that is really good for keeping you grounded and stabilised. Other names you may hear of it by are spider web jasper or zebra stone.

2. Green Jasper – this is thought to be a stone of balance that can help heal disease as well as obsessions. The stone is thought to help boost the immune system. In particular it is thought to help with skin conditions and help remove bloating as well as aid with conditions of the digestive system.

3. Red Jasper – this stone is one of protection and can help with a number of problems like anxiety and stress. It can help to rectify unfair situations as well as providing insight into difficult problems. It is thought to increase your ability to remember dreams. In addition it can help to detoxify the circulatory system, blood and liver.

4. Yellow Jasper – again this is a stone that is highly protective and can help to calm the nerves and emotions so is also useful for stress and anxiety. In addition it is thought to be beneficial for the digestive system and to help reduce bloating.

5. Picture Jasper – this is a stone of proportion and harmony and can help bring stability to your life. It can also help to bring hidden emotions to the surface and aid in alleviating fear. Physically it can stimulate the immune system and help with skin conditions and kidney problems.

6. Ocean Jasper – this stone will help with patience and also aid a person in accepting responsibility. It can help improve digestion and remove toxins from the body that cause body odour. – Professional Distant Learning Course

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