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Published on 8 April, 2015 | Case Studies

Crystal Therapy Case Study

how crystals workI work in a busy clinic as a remedial massage therapist and TFH practitioner and so already have a suitable tranquil room to work in with soothing instrumental music playing in the background from a stereo that is situated outside the door. The treatment room has been cleared of all electrical equipment. I have positioned my massage table in a South/North orientation as I am in Australia. My hair is neatly tied back, I am free of jewellery and I wear loose fitting trousers and a clean white T-shirt.
I greet my client in a warm and professional manner and ask her to complete the client information form. While she is doing this in the reception area I excuse myself and go and wash my hands and prepare for the session. I begin by deep breathing with empty retention, then visualize raising energy up from my feet to my base chakra and bringing energy down through the crown chakra throughout my body, down my arms to collect in my hands. When I feel grounded and can sense the energy flowing through my hands ( a warm buzzing sensation ) I return to my client and show her to the treatment room.
Once we are in the treatment room I check the form to see if there is anything I need to be aware of ( allergies, major injuries etc ) and ask if there is anything in particular she would like to work on. She says she’d just like to feel less stressed and more centred. I talk to her about what I will be doing and what she might expect during and after the session. I also explain that she will remain fully clothed and if he feels uncomfortable at anytime we will stop the session. I ask Simone to remove all of her jewellery and anything with metal and her shoes. I ask her if she has any questions. She has none.
I ask my client to lie on her back on the treatment table, the table is well padded and comfortable. It is covered with a fresh soft blanket. I adjust the pillows at her head ( covered by a clean towel ) and place another pillow under her knees for support. I check that my client is warm and comfortable.
I take some slow abdominal breaths and connect in with the energy running through my hands. Using a slow, gentle voice I encourage Simone to relax and guide her through an autogenic relaxation exercise. Once she is completely relaxed and comfortable I begin the crystal healing session.
All of my crystals have been cleansed in a glass bowl of water with rescue remedy added. I then placed them in sun for an hour. I also programed the crystals by holding each one in my left hand and placing my right hand above the crystal. I draw white light in through my crown chakra and down my left arm and hand into the crystal. I ask that the crystal be programmed to heal, clear and balance chakra energy for the greater good of my clients.

crystal in hand
I begin by placing my hands above Simone’s head and connect with her higher self. I ask that any healing that takes place is for her highest good. I also ask that only light and love are present in this room for healing. I then start to place the crystals around my client.
We begin by clearing blocked or negative energy. To do this I put a crystal at the crown chakra (pointing up) and to form a triangle place one on either side of each knee. I then place one between her feet pointing upwards and one at each elbow. I then use a generator crystal to trace a line of energy between each crystal. Starting at the crown chakra crystal and moving in a clockwise direction 6 times holding the generator in both hands with the point facing downwards. This creates an auric field. Simone and the crystals remain in this position for a few minutes.
I gently ask Simone how she is feeling and if she is happy for us to continue with the session. She is feeling fine and we progress to open and balance the seven major chakras. I leave the previous crystal in place and now add seven more. I position a gem stone on each of energy centre. I place a Red Jasper on the base chakra ( actually below this chakra between the knees as this is chakra is in an intimate area), Orange Carnelian on the sacral chakra, Yellow Jasper on the solar plexus, Rose Quartz then directly above this a Green Aventurine on the heart chakra, Blue Lace Agate on the throat chakra, Amethyst on the third eye and a Clear Quartz at the crown. I then run the generator crystal from the feet to the crown (through the chakras) and down again 5 times. I then balance each chakra one by one. As I have been working with a pendulum lately I chose to use this to work with the energy (hope this is okay). I have a personal pendulum and another one that I was drawn to for healing others. This one is a Clear Quartz Crystal point ( it’s beautiful) on a chain. I hold the pendulum (with my right hand and my left hand held out palm facing up) over each chakra starting at the base, and ask “is the ……….chakra balanced ?”, up/down is yes, side/side is no. If the answer is no I ask the pendulum to balance the chakra. The pendulum will swing anti-clockwise when removing stuck energy and then swing clockwise when re- energising the energy. When the energy is balanced it will start to swing in the up/down for “yes” then stop. I then ask “is the……..chakra balanced?” the answer is hopefully yes and I thank the energy and move to the next chakra. When all of the chakras have been balanced I shake of my hands and use my right hand to trace figure 8’s up and down the client’s body. Then I run my hands over the etheric body trying to sense areas stickiness or coldness, if these are detected I comb the energy and smooth it over. Next I close Simone’s chakras by using my hands and visualisation. I do a folding then twisting closed action over each chakra picturing each one closing. Then I check with the pendulum that each one is now closed. I allow my client to lie peacefully for a few minutes as I remove the crystals starting with the crown and working down. Then I remove the outside crystals. I place my hands above Simone’s head and take some slow deep breaths and give thanks for the light and love and healing energy that was present for the session.
I softly ask Simone to connect with her surroundings begin to become aware of her physical body, ask her to wiggle toes and fingers. I tell her to gently open her eyes and ask how she feels. When she is ready I help her to sit up and tell her to remain seated on the treatment table until I return with a glass of water. I take the crystals out of the room, run them under some warm water for a minute then place them in a bowl of fresh water and rescue remedy. I then wash my hands pulling and drawing energy off them and asking that any energy that is not mine and does not serve me well is removed.
When I return with water for Simone I check that she is feeling ok and ask if she has any questions or comments to make. She told me that she hasn’t felt so relaxed in a very long time and she feels lighter and cleaner. She mentioned that she could feel heat and buzzing at certain times, she also asked if I was rubbing the chakra points during the sessions she could slight pressure and movement. I explained that what she could feel was the energy being moved and cleared.
I thank her for her time and ensure that she is feeling okay to leave. Once she is gone I open the windows, light a candle and some incense to clear out any residual energy.

Client feedback: I have never had a crystal balance before, it felt amazing. I could feel things moving and shifting, I felt heat and tingling. Afterwards I felt really peaceful and calm. Sharon was lovely all through the session and explained the process well, she was confident and reassuring. I would love to try another one.



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