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Published on 7 April, 2014 | Crystal Healing

6 Crystal Tips

BeFunky_assorted crystals.jpgCrystals can really help in certain situations and knowing which crystal to choose is a great help so here are a few tips:

Help Clear the Air – use amethyst to help your home or rooms feel fresher. Placing this crystal in any room will help to clear and energise the area, especially good if there has been  a recent argument or upset in a particular room.

Easing Worries – Blue calcite works on the mind to help ease worries and green calcite can help to soothe emotions and feelings. If you would like to attract a bit of spiritual tranquillity then try golden calcite which will help to bring a calm feeling to both yourself and those around you.

Aches and pains – Rose quartz is perfect to add to your bath to help energy gently wash over you and to sooth away aches and pains.

Detox and Energy Boost – If you are in need of an energy boost then hold a garnet crystal for 30 minutes or carry it with you in your pocket for the day. Its a great detox and will help cleanse the blood and get rid of any toxins.

Travelling with Turquoise –  If you are out and about and doing lots of short or stressful journeys then caryy a piece of turquoise to help to protect you whilst travelling and to help keep you safe from any misfortune.

Noisy Neighbours – place some pyrite on each window ledge and some malachite next to your bed.

Learn more about crystals – If you would like to learn crystal therapy then our practitioner accredited courses are a great way to study this subject from home.


Learn to heal using crystals with - crystal therapy diploma course

Learn to heal using crystals with – crystal therapy diploma course

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