Crystal Water

Published on 16 November, 2010 | crystals

How to make Crystal Water

crystal therapy
A small quartz crystal that has been cleansed can purify water of any etheric pollution when placed in the bottom of a non-metallic container filled with tap water. Allow it to remain undisturbed for twelve hours. You could also place the water in natural sunlight if using a glass container. The stone’s energies will neutralize any psychic impurities in the water. Solarising the water in this way will also amplify the effect of the crystal. When drunk, this crystal clear water will have a wonderful cleansing affect on the bloodstream. Take it with other types of essences, especially flower essences, or vitamins.

The gem water will promote the action of these elixirs. If you purify your tap water in this way you will never have to buy bottled spring water again!
By drinking a few glassfuls of crystal water every day you will build up your auric defences. This will also build up your immune system that will help in your body’s defence against colds and flu. You can use crystal water for cooking, making hot beverages.

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