Crystal Water and Essence

Published on 24 September, 2013 | crystals

Gem Essences

quartz gridGem essences allow the very subtle vibrations of crystals to interact within our own subtle energy fields to provide a healing treatment with crystals. They can be used by anyone and will even benefit pets, flowers and plants.

Preparation of Gem Essence

You can use either spring or mineral water. When activated by solar energy such as natural sunlight for instance, crystals will readily transfer their vibratory signature into water. Impurity-free distilled water has no energetic signature so is an ideal medium to make crystal water.

What you will need

  1. You will need to choose your crystals of choice, either natural or tumbled
  2. Distilled water
  3. Clear glass bowl
  4. Alcohol such as brandy
  5. Large dark bottle to store (Amber)

Using amber glass helps to protect the gem essence from exposure to light once made up.

How To Make it

  • Cleanse your crystals first and ensure the rest of the equipment is sterilized. Place your cleansed crystals into the bowl with distilled water.
  • Placing the bow in full early morning sunlight on a clear day, leave for 2-3 hours to enable the subtle energy to be imprinted from the crystals into the water. Ensure you bring the bowl in before noon, this is so that it has obtained the suns energy before it changes and becomes draining
  • Measure the volume of essence you now have and pour it into an amber bottle and add twice the amount of its volume of alcohol.
  • Transfer 7 drops from the main bottle into a dropper bottle. Fill with a mixture of one-third alcohol, two-thirds distilled water.
  • Label your bottles with the name of the crystal you have used, add the date.

Using Gem Essence

oilsNormally seven drops are taken three times a day, but essences can be also taken as often as required. Place the drops directly from the dosage bottle under your tongue or dissolve them in mineral water and sip it slowly.

Drops can be placed directly onto the meridian or pulse points, or add to bath water or massage oils. You can also use as a room spray by adding to an atomizer bottle.

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