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Published on 23 March, 2016 | Case Studies

Case Study – Crystal Therapy

Working with crystals to clear negative energy and help with motivation

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I welcome my client into my treatment room and ask her to remove her jacket and shoes, have a seat and relax.
I had smudged the room with white sage prior to her arrival to clear any negative energy hanging around. I have soft panpipe music playing lowly in the background and a diffuser burning with a few drops of lemon essential oil.
I offer my client a glass of water then sit in the chair next to hers and asked her to tell me a little bit about herself and what she is hoping to get out of her crystal therapy today.
She is a 33 year old woman. She is unemployed. Recently dropped out of a college course she had spent over a year attending. She has just ended a long term relationship. She feels tired and lethargic most of the time and generally unhappy. She knows she isn’t getting any joy from her life but doesn’t know how to fix it or what to change.
She is hoping to gain a sense of self worth and motivation to make the right changes in her life. She wants to like herself again and have peace and contentment within.
I leave her to complete the questionnaire while I go to prepare the crystals that I want to use for her treatment. Whilst chatting to her I have asked most of the questions within the questionnaire and I know she has no major illness, no recent surgery, body piercing etc.

Assessing my client

Based on her low self confidence and lack of self love I have decided firstly to give a Clearing treatment followed by Opening and Balancing the Chakras and finish off with the Emotional Balance building treatment outlined in the course work.

I prepare each set of crystals for each part of the treatment and start to prepare myself mentally.
I go back to my client and take the paperwork from her and invite her round to the treatment area. I ask her how she is feeling now as I could tell she was quite nervous when she arrived. She is feeling comfortable and relaxed.
I explain what I have planned and ask if it sounds ok to her – I explain the treatment will be in 3 parts;

1. the first to clear any negative or blocked energy;

2. the second to open her chakras and balance their energies;

3. the third a building treatment to help with emotional balance.

She is happy with this and has no questions.
I ask her to lay up on the bed and relax. Would she like the music changed or put off? She doesn’t.

I stand at the top of the bed behind her head. I centre myself and ground both of us through visualisation exercise. I ask for guidance and protection and offer the treatment for her highest good.


I place 6 quartz points around Anne – 1 at her head pointing upwards and one on the outside of each knee, then 1 at her feet pointing upwards and one at each elbow. I link the energies of the crystals using my generator, starting at the crown and walking slowing in a clockwise direction back to the crown, creating an auric seal around her body. I pass the generator 5 more times over the crystals and leave them in position for a few minutes.
I gently remove the crystals and set them aside. I lightly touch Anne’s shoulder and ask how she is feeling. She is feeling relaxed and peaceful so I continue with the treatment.

Opening and Balancing
Before placing the crystals I dowse with my pendulum and this shows all the chakras to be closed or almost closed.
I place 6 quartz crystals around Anne – 1 at the crown, 1 at the feet, 1 at each knee and 1 at each elbow, all pointing upwards.
I then place 7 crystals over the chakras that I have chosen for their qualities. These are –
For the crown; Amethyst, quietens the mind
For the third eye; Sodalite, find your own truth
For the throat; Moonstone, composure and emotions
For the heart; Pink Quartz, to promote self love
For the solar plexus; Citrine, self confidence and realisation
For the sacral; Hematite, encourages optimism
For the root; Apatite, aids motivation and drive, dispels apathy
I link the outside crystals using a generator 7 times to form a protective seal. I then run the generator over the chakra crystals from the feet to the crown then from crown to feet and repeat 5 times. I put the generator aside.

Healing by gems laid on body chakras
I balance the chakras by placing my palms over the crown and throat chakras, third eye and heart, throat and solar plexus, heart and sacral the solar plexus and root. Then going back to the crown, I place the palms of my hands a few inches over the stones and working my way down the body to the feet, I feel for any stickiness or build up of energy that needs smoothed out.
To instil energy into the chakras, in my sending hand I rotate a clear quartz crystal (facing downwards) in decreasing circles, in a clockwise motion over each chakra until it touches the crystal there. Now with the quartz in my sending hand, point facing me, I rotate above each chakra until I feel it has received enough energy.
I once again run my hands above the body to feel for energy build up or stickiness and to clear I hold the quartz crystal in my sending hand out to the side of me and with my receiving hand over the chakras that need clearing. I treated all the chakras at this point but in particular the root, solar plexus and throat as I felt they needed more attention.
I leave Anne with this layout for a few moments before removing the crystals and setting aside then I gently touch her shoulder to bring her back to the room.
I offer herbal tea or a glass of water and she opts for water. I ask her how she is feeling. She feels relaxed and calm. During the treatment she felt as if she was floating in velvet, she felt protected and safe.
After 5 minutes I ask if she would like to continue with the final part of her treatment and she does.
Emotional Balance
Using 6 clear quartz crystals I place 1 at the crown facing downwards, 1 at the feet pointing upwards, one at each shoulder pointing inwards and one at each knee pointing inwards.
I then place each of the crystals on their corresponding chakra. These are;
Crown – Clear Quartz
Brow – Moonstone
Throat – Aquamarine
Heart – Rose Quartz
Solar Plexus – Green Tourmaline
Sacral – Aventurine
Root – Smoky Quartz

Ending the Treatment
I gently place the crystal by making small, clockwise, decreasing circles. When each stone is in place I connect the outer crystals to form a protective seal then leave  for 15 minutes.
I remove the crystals and set aside with the others. Using a visualisation exercise I close the chakras envision a white light around the body, sealing her energy fields.
Using the same grounding exercise as at the beginning of the treatment, I ground us both and give thanks for guidance and protection.
After the treatment was finished she accepted a cup of herbal tea and we discuss her treatment. She said she felt quite emotional, in a healing way. Overall she feels contented and hopeful as she leaves.


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