My angel came to visit

Published on 3 June, 2012 | Angels

 When my angel came to visit?

Mediums and Trance MediumsI had asked the angels to give me some guidance before going to sleep. I requested that if it was in a dream that It would  be made clear to me which was my correct path to follow.  I had been struggling between following my spiritual path to do with a new business or having to go and find work in another field which although I really didn’t want to do but was out of necessity due to bills and rent that still have to be paid.

I had been using my savings up to start this new business which is involved in all things to do with spiritual and holistic. I believe so strongly in this that I have been working many hours a day to make it become a reality, then as often happens with the ones of us drawn to our spiritual path, reality actually gets in the way.

The car need repairing the rent needs paying the cat needs feeding. Well this morning I awoke and had this thoughtful dream to reflect on.  I was dreaming that I was cleaning this beautiful shiny  deep purple car – yes purple, for those of us who know this is a spiritual color and not to be mistaken with any other . I was cleaning this car and knew somehow that it was facing forward. Then I also saw myself typing on the computer. When I awoke I absolutely felt that I had been given a special message and if I continued doing what I have been that I would be OK and they would make sure I was going somewhere.

Now that was this morning and as we all know with our dreams things seem to fade and doubts start to appear – did I really dream that I should carry on? If so will my angels help me with my rent? Will my old car make it through its service? ( I don’t actually own a shiny new purple one yet!), well just as doubt was beginning to surface, which I of all people should know better than to let in, I had a call for a Tarot reading. I have been reading the tarot for many years and although a useful and insightful tool for others, when dealing with your own you sometimes let yourself get in the way, which is why in this case I preferred to consult my angels and not my cards.

Now the lady who came for a reading to me was more than impressed with her reading, however not nearly as impressed as I was, as you will see.  For when this lady came to me she also came with angels as I will explain.  I had picked up in the reading that this lady was undergoing a spiritual change, and I felt she had been guided and had sensed or felt something she was unsure of. She then proceeded to tell me that a few months previous she had been sat at home contemplating her last cigarette of the night, when all of a sudden she was surrounded by angelic beings. She was in awe and could only  look in amazement as they circled round her. She had never told anyone about this as she thought they would think she was mad. As soon as she told me this story I too was in awe and knew I was meant to hear this story so that I would  have no doubts about my own angels guidance. I was also able to loan her a fantastic book on angels which I have no doubt will help her understand her vision so that she too may know the  beauty of letting angels into our lives.

So I am off to practice what I preach, to trust and believe that all things are possible and if you are ever unsure then just ask for angelic guidance they are always happy to oblige.  If you too would like how to learn or connect with your angels then check out the Angel Therapy Diploma Course

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Incidentally I wrote this post many years ago and am proud to say that Luna Holistic School if now one of the most popular online schools to learn holistic therapies.


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