Easiest way I found to stop smoking

Published on 1 May, 2013 | NLP

I believe if you can do this, You will NEVER EVER Smoke Again


Read how I found the easiest way to stop smoking If you smoke or have been a smoker you will understand and may even have been through the same as me, however if you have never smoked you will be amazed at the effort and energy smokers put in to kick their habit, so before you become too judgemental about poor smokers, read on and if you are a smoker and want to quit then read on because it really is easy if you follow just one instruction…………

This may seem a rather stupid question, but its a very important one. I have been smoking since I was about 12 years of age and I am now 51 and although I have now finally become free of this addictive and damaging drug – I have been ciggy free for a whole year now– I am baffled at how simple it has been to stop this time. So if its easy to stop, why did I not do it before?

Well actually I have done many times. I have tried every single method you can imagine and more, below are just a few of the methods I have tried in the past and some of the results.

nicotine patches- expensive and only worked until they ran out

Pretend cigarette to suck on as a prop – free but felt silly and had no effect


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nicotine chewing gum – disgusting taste, expensive and definitely not spearmint flavoured

knitting – yes I actually knitted about 10 huge jumpers so I could keep my hands occupied

hypnosis – success rate quite good with this one as I managed at least 6 months before

acupuncture – needles in my ears seemed to work for a couple of days only

smoking till sick – yes I actually smoked about 3 packs one after the other to make myself sick

So how did I do it this time and how do I know it will work. I read a book and this simple book changed my life and my way of thinking and now I know its so easy and simple, its not stressful, I don’t want one, I don’t care who has one, I am not craving one, I cant imagine why I ever wanted one, and I now even understand non smokers total disbelief that people would put a horrible smelly dangerous and poisonous stick into their mouths, not just for a laugh, not just once, but again and again and again and sometime up to 20 times a day sometimes more and for years and years.

Well the reason why all the above didn’t work was because I felt I was giving something up, after all doesn’t everyone talk about “giving up smoking” and of course when you are addicted to something the hardest thing in the world is to give it up, after all you will have withdrawal symptoms and you wont feel well and you will cough and you will get fat and you will get colds and the list is endless of the horrible things that has happened to people who have “given up smoking” so no wonder you don’t even want to try.

Well guess what its just a state of mind. I have not given anything up, I have in fact freed myself. It really is as simple as that and the only thing I have to do is the same thing I have been doing for years except this time when I put my cigarette out I simply know I will never ever light another one. now how hard can that be???

well I can tell you its a lot simpler than my knitting patterns were.


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