Easy Ways To Use Technology To Battle Study Burnout

Published on 8 September, 2018 | Holistic Therapy

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61% of college students across the country study and seek professional help to deal with anxiety or stress.  School is a challenging time, and it is important to find methods for dealing with those challenges.  Fortunately, advances in technology have made it easier to deal with stress and burnout when it comes to studying.  We now have apps that help to organize your time and make the most out of studying. We can use technology to take a break from other technology, and even take our studying wherever we go.

Take advantage of apps

With almost everyone having constant access to the internet via smartphones or tablets, it’s never been easier to use technology as a study aid.  And one of the best ways to utilize this capability is through apps. One of the most popular study apps is Quizlet, which allows you to create digital flashcards or quizzes, and even study off of pre-existing flashcards based on your topic. Another great function found on every smartphone or tablet is the calendar.  Thanks to technology, calendars sync wirelessly and effortlessly, allowing you to take full control of your time management. The best way to organize your time and study schedule is to designate times in your calendar for studying, as well as including what you will be studying.  This helps you stay on top of your studies and prevents the dreaded “cram session” before a big exam.

Fighting burnout with technology

It is often recommended to step away from technology when you need a study break.  However, employing other sources of technology can actually make these breaks more effective.  For instance, one of the best ways to deal with study burnout is to listen to music.  Thanks to technology, you can now take your full library of music anywhere you go.  Apps like Spotify and Pandora allow you to easily access hours of music from anywhere, meaning you can take a walk or enjoy nature while still decompressing with some soft classical music. Another great way to take some much needed time away from your screen is to print your study materials.  Not only will this allow you to take a break from distracting technologies, but also to take some handwritten notes to reinforce your learning.  Take some printed study materials and your music to a nearby park to help unwind and continue to study.

Take your learning on the go

Thanks to technology, you can now take your learning with you, wherever you go.  Services like Google Docs and Google Drive allow you to store all your notes in one place and seamlessly access them anywhere there’s an internet connection.  You can even save certain files for offline viewing, where you can make edits that will sync once you have internet again.  And beyond that, there are a number of educational opportunities that can be done remotely. Thanks to technology, it’s possible for places like Luna to offer wellness certifications to anyone, anywhere.

Getting your education can be quite stressful, but useful technology can help to combat that stress.  Apps now make studying easier than ever, both with content and creating a manageable study schedule. Technology even allows you to take a break from your screen by taking your printed resources and music wherever you go.  And beyond that, the learning process itself can now go wherever you go through networked note storage and remote learning opportunities.

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