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Published on 25 February, 2011 | Healthy diets

Slimmers want fast results

All slimmers want fast results so hence there has been a never ending supply of information on how to get thin, diets or pills that really work etc.. All these fad diets do is play on the slimmers desire to lose weight and lose it quickly.

Here are 4 myths about dieting

It must work so it must cost money – Incorrect when dieting it should not involve buying any special aids

Certain Foods are actually slimming – Incorrect. All food contains calories however some foods contain less than others and can be more filling

Dieting will offer better results than exercising – Incorrect. combining the two will work much quicker than dieting on its own.

Once you have finished the diet you can then go back to eating like before – Incorrect. That’s how you gained weight in the first place.

So how do I eat to lose weight?

It is not how much you eat but what you actually eat that will dictate how much weight you will lose and how you will overcome this constant battle of losing and gaining weight.

You must eat a varied diet and you must know your foods. For instance some people do not know the difference between a protein and a carbohydrate. You will need to increase your carbohydrates and reduce your fats and sugar intake.


Protein – found in meat, fish, milk, nuts, pulses, poultry, low fat cheese and skimmed milk. If eating meat ensure it is lean and with very minimal fat on.

Carbohydrates – Found in bread, flour, cereals, potatoes, peas, sweetcorn, baked beans and pulses. Increase your intake of these foods however try and use wholemeal products.

Fats Saturated – Butter, margarine, lard, suet, diary products, pastry, chocolate, whole milk and cheese. – Reduce your intake of these products

Fats Unsaturated – Polyunsaturated oils and margarine like sunflower oils, corn oil and oily fish such as mackerel. Avodcados are also an excellent source. – Substitute these for saturated fats but reduce your intake on the whole.


Vitamin A – fats, sardines, liver, apricots, carrots and all green vegetables

Vitamin B – bread, pasta, cereals, green veg, meat, milk and eggs

Vitamin C – green vegetables, tomatoes and fruit (especially citrus fruits)

Vitamin D – fats, oily fish, cheese and eggs

Calcium – Yogurt, cheese and milk, bread, eggs, canned sardines, green vegetables

Iron – Red meat, liver, baked beans, dried fruit, corned beef, potatoes, spinach and cabbage.

Well I am sure you can now see for yourself why vegetables are so good for you as they have most of the minerals and vitamins we require.

Colour and Foods

Eating certain coloured foods can greatly help to reduce weight and leave you feeling refreshed and energetic.


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