Energy healing for Fatigue and Stress

Published on 19 September, 2016 | alternative therapies

colour breathing for health

 How Energy healing can help combat fatigue and stress

Energy healing case study

colour healing treatment

Consultation Room

Symptoms – Client suffered for about 6 months with this affliction and a constant fatigue, the client  is also very stressed with his job and his life in general. He was also going through a divorce this was affecting his inner peace, although all medical tests showed that he had no health problems. He wanted to regain his energy to practice his new daily life as before the divorce. He was tired and physically weak.

Preparation of room before client arrival – A few hours before my client arrives I prepared the therapy bed, the room,  put on some relaxing background music and lit some nice scented candles and oils for burning,  I prepared the chair for me and a jug of water and two glasses for both of us after the therapy.

Personal Preparation mini meditation – After that I sat comfortably with loose clothing on, in this fantastic room. Closed my eyes and I then take some time to imagine a white light and keep aiming on this over the next 10 minutes and see the colour changes, this helped my energy and my concentration. I used protection and a prayer to finish off the meditation and rest and drink my water.

30 minutes before the session I sat and went into deep breathing exercise.  I began with the seven second breath exercise (as taught in this course)  Putting my tongue against my palate, inhaling for 7 counts, retaining for one count, then exhaling for 7 counts.  I then proceeded to raise the energy, using the ‘imaginary hands’ technique in order to raise the energy up from my base chakra through to my crown chakra and also stimulated my chakras using the ‘tearing bread’ technique, and then closing them once again by imagining imaginary hands enfolding each chakra and then sending the energy back down from my crown chakra to my base chakra.

Client Arrival & Consultation – When the client arrives I welcome him and I asked him to sit on the chair and when he felt more at ease to this environment I started to discuss with him his problems and I took also completed a client treatment card with his medical information.  I explained to him that his pre-treatment questionnaire was there for me to gather enough information so that I would be able to devise a treatment plan that could be perfect to his needs. Moreover I explained to him how the therapy will go and if he feels happy with that. . He said to me that was ready to feel this healing energy and to accept the treatment.

Start of Treatment –  I told him to relax on the bed in any position he wanted, so he was just sitting on the bed and I tried to make him comfortable on the healing bed, placing a white sheets over his legs.  I lit some pink candles and an oil burner containing lavender oil (I was already sure that he was ok with lavender), to aid relaxation.  I also, placed some soothing background music to further encourage him to relax.

colour breathing for health

Colour Breathing and affirmation

I was calm and I asked from him to do the following exercise:

  1. Breathe deeply and slowly
  2. As you breathe out, imagine that you expel out all the negativity and toxins from your body.
  3. As you breathe in imagine you inhale positive  energy and healing feelings
  4. Breath in red from the earth, imagine it rising up through your whole body giving you strength and courage.
  5. He should imagine himself saying every day, I am energized by the colour red .The red ray brings me strength and safety. I love life and I wish to live life to the full.
  6. Allow the colour to travel throughout your body.
  7. Breathing and affirmations were repeated both with orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.


 Chakra Stimulation

chakra treatments using crystals

After the colour breathing and affirmation, he felt more relax so we continue:

  • I then left him lying down and listening to soft music for some minutes to help him relax more.  Then, I started by visualizing that there is a light under my hand while moving from his feet upward to his base chakra and used the imaginary hand to open it and pull the energy up into it (I placed my imaginary hands on him from the feet up and pull his energy up to the base chakra, I did this seven times and imagine clearance and movement around that area.) This was repeated seven times.
  •  Next, I started again from his feet along to the spleen chakra and used the imaginary hand to open the chakra and pull the energy up into it. It was repeated seven times.
  •  The same steps were repeated for solar plexus chakra again, I draw the energy up through his feet, his base chakra, his spleen chakra and up into his solar plexus chakra. Open this chakra, pulling in the energy and I repeat the exercise same times – always from the feet. The same step were repeated for heart chakra, throat chakra, brow chakra and crown chakra.
  • Finally, by reversing the stimulation exercises until I could no longer feel this open channel of energy. I felt those imaginary hands of mine close off the chakras (perhaps by enfolding the hands around the chakras until the flow’s been closed up) and then forcing the energy back downwards, from crown to base. The more abundant the energy, the longer this process will take. The chakras are closed through the same process but this time starting from crown chakra down to the root chakra and used the imaginary hand used to close the chakras. By the time this is all done all the chakras levelled clear, this took me up to 25 minutes but make him relaxed.


He was so calm. I asked him how he was and he said me that “oh my God I feel like I slept for many hours and have waken up in paradise”. (Still with his eyes closed) I then softly encouraged him to open his eyes and to gently sit up, in his own time. When he was ok we washed our hands.  I offer him a drink of water and one to me, and ask if he needs a hand moving him from the therapy bed to the chair. And after few minutes we were sitting on the chairs. He seemed very pleased with the treatment and said that he felt that ‘a weight inside him seemed to have been taken away.  He said that he would continue with the energy healing on a regular basis in order to prevent his stress levels from building up inside him once again.  I completed his client record card, noting the effects of the treatment, together with the client’s feedback, for future reference.

After care advise – Also I gave him some self-therapy techniques for him to follow at home:

Self- Therapy Techniques at Home:

  • Colour Breathing and Affirmation daily at early morning, before sleeping and whenever he felt weak and confused.
  • Introducing more Magnetic and warm colours in his environment through flowers and clothing.
  • Drinking red and yellow solarized water in (one day red the other day yellow)
  • Eating Red, Orange, Yellow (energize him) and Green (keep energy balanced) foods

Client was advised by me to drink plenty of water (first day 3 classes next day more etc.) to help detox and aid with the healing process.

Conclusion: This treatment was carried out on a friend of mine and I knew already his situation.  I decided that for future treatments it would be of benefit to me to have a longer consultation session with my client, to spend more time discussing symptoms and how these are affecting my clients daily life .

Student Case Study – studying Energy Healing Certificate Course

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