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Published on 29 June, 2016 | Case Studies

Feng Shui Case Study Example taken in a residential home

Detached Family City Home with Garden

feng shui case study example

Life Style: Client is living in her house alone and she is enjoying gardening, socializing and her walks
Problems: reconstruction of her house
suggestions for improvement of ‘better feeling’
lost contact with her dead husband and ancestors
Client’s expectations: improvement of overall feeling in her house and garden
increase the positivity and balance
improve her relationships and finances

Session layout and techniques: Before session I prepared myself (by meditation and grounding), prepared my compass and the Ba Gua template.

After arrival at client’s place I filled in Client Consultation Form with client and explained how the session will be done and how long it may take. I reassured my client that all the information is confidential.
I pointed to the fact that we are influenced by our environment (both physical and emotional) and that Feng Shui is the ancient science of balancing the elements within the environment. It can assist us to create good energy (Chi) in our lives so that we can manifest positive things.


I explained to my client the basic concept of the Five Elements; Element shapes and colours; and the Cycle of Production, Balance and Destuction. I told her that negative energy (shar chi) is represented by anything that creates shadows, dirties the air or water, is stagnant or has sharp or intrusive edges. Places that contain broken objects, mess or negative images are thought to weaken or block the life force.Certain objects, colours and shapes are thought to assist in the creation of good chi. I explained the basics of the Ba Gua to my client and pointed to the sectors based on the eight directions. I told her that each area corresponds to a different area in our life such as prosperity, love, wisdom and other tenets that create happiness. I also pointed to the fact that there is the health sector of the environment.

Work with the Ba Gua
I used my compass to find the most northern part of client’s home. Following I refered to the Ba Gua template and found the career sector of her house. Next I identified all other sectors (Career, Wisdom & Knowledge, Family & Health, Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Marriage & Relationships, Children & Creativity, Helpful People & Travel, Health Sector). I used the Ba Gua orientation to the compass directions. √

Evaluating a Site
Clients house looks balanced and pleasing to the eye. It has solid foundations and there are no unnecessary additions. She takes good care after her property and keeps it clean. The front door doesn’t face oncoming traffic. I told my client that all this is a good way to enhance the good Chi at her place. Nevertheless, her hall is very narrow and dark and there are very steep stairways. I pointed to the fact that these features generate negative energy. I suggested to use bright lights and opening her curtains to let more natural sunlight in.

Her bedroom is the last room from the entrance (as far as possible from the front door). I pointed to the fact that this is the best possible choice. Nevertheless, her headboard is facing north (the better choice would be facing west or east) and the present position of her bed is such that the foot of the bed is facing the door and a mirror. I explained that this is thought to be enhancing the bad chi. Her furniture has also mirrored doors that is considered bad fortune in a bedroom.

I explained that placement of the stove is the most important and pointed to the fact that her stove is placed very well (it doesn’t face the front door, bathroom door, bedroom door or a staircase) and is not directly placed next to a water or metal element. Nevertheless, there is not enough room around the stove (there is a big table obstructing the way). I suggested to remove the table or replace it with smaller one.

Living Room
Her bedroom is a regular shape (square) and well lit with exposure to natural light. Nevertheless all the furniture is square or rectangular. I suggested that some of her furniture should be round and that she could introduce some round table, rugs or other round shapes into this room.

I explained my client the connection between money and water flow. I also told her that the position of her toilet (Southeast corner that represents love and relationships) can cause negative energy in that area. I suggested Feng Shui ‘remedy’ in the form of keeping the lid of the toilet closed at all times to prevent her fortunes from being flushed away. Another remedy might be placing a small set of metal chimes on the handle of the toilet to negate the bad energy.

The Health Center of the Home
I located the Health Centre in the house and suggested creating a sacred space there. Things that can enhance good Chi are: potted plants (she loves plants), crystals or rocks, brown or mustard colour objects, flat and square forms, bowls of fruit (she always has some fruit in her house), or religious objects. I recommended to remove the large wooden table from this area (because the earth element is consumed by things that are wood) and repaint the place (her present colour is green).

Other sectors
I recommended to enhance positive Chi in the Fame & Reputation sector by adding some red colour to it, electrically powered objects (she doesn’t like to have open fire in her house) and some pointy objects. I suggested to avoid black coloured objects and dead flowers. In Love & Relationsips sector I suggested making a space (remove all the clutter), place some sensual items (such as favourite perfumes, food, etc.), place objects in pairs (change the picture on the wall that depicts a lonely figure of a woman) and adding some pink colour to this area. Creativity and Children sector could be improved by adding some metal objects, white colour and round objects). Good Chi in Helpful People & Travel sector could be enhanced by images of travel or statues of angels. The other option would be adding some silver and gray objects. Again I suggested to remove all the clutter. Although she is retired, I recommended to improve her career sector by black colour, mirror or glass. She has a lot of yellow colour objects in this area that woud be better replaced by black colour because this colour symbolizes water. To improve Skills & Knowledge sector I recommended more blue colour and sharp objects. The Family & Ancestors sector could be improved by her ancestral photos (she has no pictures like this in this sector) and green and black colour. Prosperity sector could be improved by purple colour and symbols of wealth (such as jewellery). She has a broken old clock there that I suggested to remove.

Finally I said that although some of these suggestions seems expensive, there are some very simple all purpose cures such as ‘no clutter’. As an example I used her front door area that was cluttered by potted plants, old mail and newspapers. I also recommended her place to be well lit and exposed to natural sunlight. To improve her finances she may place mobiles and chimes that are gold and silver in Prosperity sector (she really likes these) and place a gem tree (that she already owns) into this sector as well. To improve her Family and Ancestors sector she might put some ancestral photo gallery and wood objects that create strength for her family foundation.

Client walked me through her garden and pointed to some features of her environment. I pointed to the features that enhance good Chi, such as rectangular shape of land, sunny spot, proper drainage, lush green vegetation, and mild winds. On the other hand I talked about characteristics that are connected with bad Chi, such as closeness to the main busy road, facing public institution (school) and lack of trees in her garden.
I recommended to balance the proximity to school and busy road by planting tall bushes as the fence to protect balance this problem. She told me that she would like to plant some fruit trees in her garden. I was happy to tell her that it was an excellent idea that may considerably increase the flow of good chi at her place. I suggested to add some water feature in her garden as well to balance the overexposure to the sun.

Feedback from client: My client was surprised by the fact that compass directions, colour and shapes can influence the positive Chi at her place. She is very proud of her house and she was pleased by the fact that so many things were enhancing positive Chi at her place. She was happy about suggestions as regards furniture and colours, because she wanted to change all these. She was excited about creating her sacred space in Health Sector (by adding some plants and religious objects) and she was determined to improve both her Relationship and Prospetity Sector (by removing all the clutter and placing good chi enhancing objects).
She was pleased by her garden and wanted to plant some trees and bushes as the ‘protective fence’ and possibly add some water feature.

Conclusion: I found this case study very interesting and encouraging. Only by doing this case study I actually realized how many things are influencing our lives and how closely linked they are. I became aware of the fact that Feng Shui is an art rather than precise science and that I had to rely on my intuition as well. I was delighted when my client called me later to tell me how excited she was about getting new furniture and creating ‘her sectors’. I even received the invitation to see the new place after it is finished!


This case study was put together by one of our students whom had undertaken the complete diploma course in Feng Shui

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