Feng Shui for the home – your essential guide

Published on 8 September, 2012 | feng shui

Feng Shui for your home

Welcome to Feng Shui For The Home. This course will tell you everything you always wanted to know about the Chinese art of object arrangement including a description of the must-have objects to perform basic curative Feng Shui. This course also includes information about different types of Feng Shui as well as suggestions for how to use every day objects so that your house doesn’t end up looking like the lobby of a Chinese Restaurant!

One of the basic tenets of feng shui is that you are influenced by everything in your outer environment. So, if you arrange your environment in a way that properly circulates life-force energy (Chi), you will flourish.  Feng shui is a lifestyle — a way of living in the world that continually moves towards the positive flow of energy. Whether you are creating a beautiful home, a loving relationship, or a successful career, you can incorporate feng shui and feel a profound difference.  In this traditional sense, it can help you to find the best spot in which to sleep, eat, work, and play to maximise your energy and it is really a way to manage the energy patterns in your life so that they enhance the positive, rather than cling to the negative. On a deeper level, feng shui awareness can help you see your present life situation in a new light. You can discover how energy — positive or negative — from people and from your environment is affecting you on a daily basis. When you bring feng shui into your life, profound and life-changing realisations take place.

In addition there is a very simple Feng Shui template that anyone can use to help them enhance the different directions in their home that represent health, wealth, family, love, wisdom, career, fame, creativity and the other important aspects of your life

You will be able to utilize the suggestions in this course to help improve every area of your life, including your luck, health, career, prosperity, close relationships and receptiveness to becoming more spiritual and educated in every day life. Feng Shui is all about removing blocks in your life and creating energy, so that you can move forward on your personal path in a positive way.

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