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Published on 21 October, 2014 | feng shui

Chinese Study – Feng Shui


Feng shui is bascially an ancient chinese study of how to live in accordance with the forces of nature. Feng shui is now gaining more and more popularity in the West and many people have found great benefit from putting feng shui into practice in their homes and places of business by allocating room use and re-arranging plants, furniture and decorations to maximise the benefits and well being.

The subtle energies of our environment impinge not only on the physical body but also on the etheric body. Chronic and severe distubances on a  subtle level can  be the cause of illness. Feng shui therefore can harness these energies for our benefit.  The theories of feng shui enable a practitioner to take a look at a persons home, the room they use and the placing of their furniture to ascertain whether the chi is healthy or not. The practitioner will look for places where the energies may be disrupted or stuck, or where the energies may be moving too fast and therefore of no benefit.


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A feng shui consultation will involve a survey of the house and they may often use a special feng shui compass to ascertain the energies.  They will look at the flow of chi through the front door (the mouth of the home) and around the rooms, and between the combination o0f the five elements in decoration and objects is noted. Most attention is paid to the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. As we tend to spend such a proportion of our lives asleep, it is particularly important to have healthy a healthy chi flow in the bedroom.

Kitchen & Bathrooms


The kitchen is where most internal chi is created, due to the heat of cooking, while bathrooms are where most of the chi is lost as this is where the most water is drained or flushed away.  A consultant will suggest alterations in the rooms that are most used and may often re-arrange furniture or decorations to achieve the balance of chi. This is also done by adding things such as wind chimes, crystals and mirrors to enhance or neutrilize energy paterns. Once you have had a consultation and changes have been made you can expect within a week to notice surprising changes, which may affect how you feel in the house, your health and your relationships and even your luck – all in a more positive way.

Learning Feng Shui

One of the basic tenets of feng shui is that you are influenced by everything in your outer environment. So, if you arrange your environment in a way that properly circulates life-force energy (Chi), you will flourish.  Feng shui is a lifestyle — a way of living in the world that continually moves towards the positive flow of energy. Whether you are creating a beautiful home, a loving relationship, or a successful career, you can incorporate feng shui and feel a profound difference.  In this traditional sense, it can help you to find the best spot in which to sleep, eat, work, and play to maximize your energy and it is really a way to manage the energy patterns in your life so that they enhance the positive, rather than cling to the negative. On a deeper level, feng shui awareness can help you see your present life situation in a new light. You can discover how energy — positive or negative — from people and from your environment is affecting you on a daily basis. When you bring feng shui into your life, profound and life-changing realizations take place.

Feng Shui is all about removing blocks in your life and creating good energy, so that you can move forward on your personal path in a positive way.

If you wouldd like to learn more about Feng Shui then Luna Holistics offers a fully intense and complete diploma course on this subject to enable you to become either a professional practitioner or just study for your own benefit. Here is what one student whom completed this course had to say: –

FENG SHUI – Testimonial

“This course was very clear and concise, which seems unbelievable compared to most feng shui texts I have tried to use. By making a few small changes to the southwest area of the master bedroom, my relationship with my husband of 17 years has reawakened beyond what I could have ever have expected. I cannot thank Luna Studies enough for this experience. Thank you for making it possible for a busy mom to easily learn about feng shui to help improve her life and that of her family and hopefully onto others. Blessings Debra – Canada” D Akeson PHD

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