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Published on 9 March, 2017 | feng shui

The Role of Lighting in Feng Shui

coloured lighting         In Feng Shui, light can help to balance chi energy. Chi is the universal energy that permeates everything, including our bodies, the interior and exterior of our homes and other buildings. Chi has yin and yang characteristics, and the idea behind feng shui is to keep them balanced, not letting one or the other dominate. This will help you achieve balanced chi. You want the chi flow in your home to support a good chi flow within your body, to keep yourself and your surroundings in perfect harmony.

Natural Lighting Is Best

Light can be an important way to balance the chi in your home. Natural lighting, which enters your home through windows, doors, and skylights, is the best kind of lighting for feng shui. But there are often situations where natural lighting is insufficient or impossible. In these cases, you will want to add artificial light to preserve the chi balance.

Accessorise With Lamps

table lamps     Adding lamps to dark corners of your home will help bring more yang energy to certain areas. In those places in your home where you conduct activities or perform tasks that require extra lighting, such as the kitchen, library, or office, you may want to add more light. Use table or floor lamps to improve the lighting in these areas. Torchier lamps are particularly successful since they shine light at the ceiling that is reflected into the room, which negates the inauspicious energy of overhead beams. Efficient home lighting needn’t be expensive, there are many ways to co-ordinate various lighting pieces together without breaking the bank.

Welcoming Light

The entrance to your home should be well lit. You can draw positive chi into the home with light fixtures on either side of the front door. If you are applying feng shui to a business location, leaving the lights on day and night is thought to bring in more business. Exterior lights, like landscaping lights or floodlights, can also be used to draw chi into your home and to correct exterior problems like a missing corner.

In the areas of your home where you rest or meditate, the lighting should be softer and less bright. Avoid overhead or sconce lighting above your bed.

Best Avoided

Certain kinds of lighting should not be used. Hanging lights that are suspended from the ceiling are considered inauspicious and should be avoided. Watch out for shadows that are created by lamps or other types of lighting. These are to be avoided. The shadows bring yin energy.

Careful selection and placement of lighting inside and outside your home will keep the chi energy in balance, contributing to the overall feng shui of your home.

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