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Published on 10 May, 2013 | feng shui

Assessing a House Room by Room

The following advice can help you quickly assess whether or not a house or a dwelling is likely to be collecting good chi.

The bedroom governs many areas of your life, but especially love and relationships. To avoid disruptions in your emotional life as well as maintain good health you should make sure the bedroom follows these general rules:

To provide a feeling of security and safety, the master bedroom should be as far away from the front door as possible.
The headboard should face either the family (west) or longevity (east) directions if possible.
sight or using a mirror). This prevents the misfortune brought by negative chi from sneaking up on you at night.
The foot of the bed should NOT face the door because this is how the Chinese line up coffins for burial. It is considered to be the death position. It also should not face a mirror.
The headboard should not nudge the wall, but part of the bed should be touching a wall otherwise there will be a feeling of instability.
Mirrored ceilings or mirrored cupboard doors are extremely bad fortune in a bedroom, especially if they consist of mirrored tiles.


The kitchen is very important, as it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.


The placement of the stove is most important in Feng Shui. It should be positioned so a person using it can see who is entering the room (either by direct sight or using a mirror). The cook must not be surprised by someone coming into the room because it may cause accidents or affect food preparation.
The stove should NOT face: the front door, bathroom door, master bedroom door or a staircase It should not be placed directly beneath a bed on another floor under a beam, or in a corner.
The stove should not be directly placed next to a water or metal element such as the kitchen basin.
There should be ample room to work around the stove – it should be kept clean and work well to encourage favourable finances.

Living Room

The living room is where the family and guests meet, so it should be comfortable, cheerful, and reflect the personalities of the people who live in the home. Plan to decorate the living room with pictures, artwork and memorabilia. When assessing a living room keep in mind the following:

Ideally, it should be regular in shape – square and oblong are the best. However, some of the furniture should be round, such as rugs and end tables, as round shapes represent money in Feng Shui.

The room should be well lit and have exposure to natural sunlight.

Avoid sunken living rooms, which collect stagnant energy.

Dining Room

The dining room should be close to the kitchen and preferably in the corner of a home to encourage the pooling of good energy.

If the dining room is too close too the front door your guests may “eat and run. ”
Round wooden tables in dining rooms are ideal because everyone can easily see and talk to each other. The table should be made out of wood or metal, NOT glass or marble. Glass or marble harbor negative chi in an eating area.
Mirrored walls or mirrors over mantelpieces are beneficial in a dining room because they give the perception of doubling the amount of food.



In Feng Shui water is symbolic of money so the first thing you should do before you buy any house or apartment is CHECK THE WATER PRESSURE! If you turn on a tap and the water flows out in a trickle then you are likely to experience financial problems during your stay there.

Another caution. There is just no good place to have a toilet positioned in your house. Wherever the toilet is positioned you are most likely to experience losses in your life. For instance, if the toilet positioned in your Southwest Corner, which represents love and relationships, it can cause negative energy in that area of your life. The same goes for any other area in the home that the toilet is located.

A Feng Shui remedy for this problem is to keep the lid of the toilet closed at all times to prevent your fortunes from being flushed away! Another radical remedy is to place a small set of metal chimes on the handle of the toilet to negate the bad energy each time you flush.
Here are some general tips for avoiding the bad chi associated with most bathrooms.

The bathroom should NOT be located in the wealth, fame, or career sectors of the home, nor should it be visible from the front door.

The bathroom should be clean, well lit, well ventilated, and have many mirrors. Make sure the mirrors don’t reflect the toilet but rather the places from which water flows INTO the home such as the shower and the sink.

The toilet should be hidden, if possible in a separate room, and not be placed in a central part of the home because it could “flush away” opportunity.

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