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Published on 30 July, 2013 | feng shui

The Unique Relationship Between Wind Chimes And Feng Shui by Stephen Betzen

There is a harmonious marriage shared by wind chimes and the natural forces of nature. As air current moves against the striker or clapper of the wind chimes, it knocks against the tuned pipes, which in turn sends waves of a reverberating “song,” carried along by the wind. The resulting delicate balance of peace, grace, and harmony isn’t as hard to achieve as one might think. Although there are many different schools of thought, the basic philosophies of balance behind Feng Shui, and recognized forces of nature, remain the same.

For centuries the Chinese have believed that there is a logical way to organize their living and discipline their thoughts, to better achieve harmony and live peaceably within the forces of nature. That same attitude has become increasingly popular in the Western culture. Feng Shui isn’t as much a religion as it is a state of mind.

Good, as well as bad, happens to everybody. But, it is the way in which we handle negative or bad experiences that will determine whether or not our souls are at peace and our lives happy. We can choose to live unhappily, in discord with the rest of the world. Or, we can seek happiness by accepting the bad with the good, while at the same time seeking to create a more perfect balance. What does this philosophy have to do with wind chimes?

Irritating background noise filters into our lives daily, causing distractions and stress that are incompatible with harmonic living. By incorporating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility with the use of a wind chime, we also add interest to our home décor or garden yard décor.


The greater benefit realized, however, is the inviting sense of calm that permeates our very being as positive energy flows. Many people even feel a sense of awe as they listen to the fluid music created as elements of nature connect.

Wind chimes are beneficial for covering over negative background noises such as traffic, barking dogs, and other unwanted sounds that filter into our living space from others less harmonious minded. They are as eye appealing a compliment to our landscape and home décor as they are stirring to our souls, providing a sense of well-being.

Wind chimes also make meaningful anniversary gifts, and make perfect gifts for Mother’s Day. Why? Because a wind chime is symbolic of peace and harmony. They are symbolic of the feng shui attitude of compatibility: working with the forces of nature to create a positive, tangible energy flow.

It doesn’t matter if your living space can be described as Southwest décor or a more unique home décor hard to define using conventional home decorating terms. There are so many sizes and styles of wind chimes, one is sure to enhance and compliment your home or garden yard décor.

Use wind chimes to increase your privacy by blocking out unwanted sounds, while inviting a positive atmosphere of peace and calm; one good way to bring the benefit of feng shui in your home.

About the Author: Stephen Betzen is a loving husband/supporter/and friend to his wife Rachel Betzen. Rachel and Stephen are dedicated to socially and ethically responsible business practices. Lovers of gardening and simple living. Buy your wind chimes online.

Article Source: NewAgeArticles.com

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