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Published on 10 May, 2019 | alternative therapies

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Dr Bach Flower Remedies 

In this article we look at the fundamental difference between western medicine and  holistic therapies and how Bach Flower Remedies consider the whole person.

Western Medicine versus Holistic Therapy

Western medicine has an approach that focuses on a physical methodology.  Based on the use of pharmaceuticals and technology, it literally pares people down to a list of symptoms, intervening at that point.  It deals purely with the physical aspect of the individual.

Every year a huge amount of money is spent in modern health services on new drugs, machines and techniques.

Treating the problem

For example, if you are having problems breathing, a doctor will listen to your chest.  The doctor will then prescribe something that is designed to alleviate the congestion or inflammation that’s causing the problem.

The doctor is unlikely to know how you feel apart from this problem.  Or if the doctor does, you are likely to think that this question related to your physical condition, and report that you had a sore throat. However, because the questions from the doctor generally refer to a physical condition, you are less likely to report that you have suffered an emotional trauma recently too.

This orthodox approach is very effective at treating physical symptoms.  This is because the pharmaceuticals are perfectly custom made to strike at the physical cause of the problem. The area where it is most successful is where there are broken or fractured bones.

A doctor has access to any number of technological equipment, such as X-rays.  These help to identify the problem and then a physical measure is put in place to repair it. Numerous lives are saved every day using this scientific, western approach to health

Orthodox medicine is also failing numerous people

The major criticism of this approach is that it treats the visible parts of the individual but not the unseen. Feelings and emotions are not considered when a treatment is prescribed. The physical body is the main concern of physicians not the spiritual side, which to all intents and purposes does not exist for them.

Holistic medicine on the other hand requires that the opposite be true.


‘Treat the person, not the disease’.

This approach looks at the whole person not just the physical manifestations of ill-health. It promotes the view that spirit, mind and body are connected in many subtle ways and attempts to treat the individual as a whole.  In doing so it addresses all aspects of their lives at the same time.

When working with flower remedies and a diagnosis, we take a third approach.  This happens purely on the level of emotion, spirit and mind. The theory behind this approach is that if there is balance in this area the health of the body will be affected.

It uses emotional states to unlock the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Case study

Take a look at a case study that covers the use of Bach flower therapy in the treatment of a back problem.

Becoming a Professional Flower Practitioner

Can anyone learn to become a professional Flower Practitioner? Well the answer is most certainly yes and there are many courses to choose from. Animal healers often use these remedies as they are aware of the amazing benefits they offer, and as bach flower remedies are safe for animals, children and adults it’s no wonder this therapy is fast becoming more and more popular.

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