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Published on 8 March, 2013 | Accreditation

JOiniPHMThe International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

(IPHM) has been developed to provide the general public and health professionals with a body of regulated professionals, all qualified to accredited levels. All of our full professional members have appropriate professional qualifications and are either directly accredited in their own right (e.g. NVQ’s BTech , Institute of Personal Development and degrees) or are from approved awarding bodies. The accreditations are  awarded by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, members of whom have thoroughly studied the coursework provided by  the course provider or school, and we have approved their training methods and course material.

Between our members we have many years experience in holistic therapies, palmistry/tarot reading, training and marketing so we can help you start up professionally.

OBJECTIVES: The association is a support group for complementary therapists which was founded as a non-profit making organisation run by a committee of its members. The code of Ethics and this Constitution were adopted January 2006 and supersede any previous Code Of Ethics.

Accreditation: by the  Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) is a guarantee of quality and expertise. It means that the College, School or Learning Programme has been evaluated and approved by an independent panel of experienced Practitioners and Professionals. We are able to maintain the highest of standards in natural therapy for the benefit of both the Practitioners and their clients. Our accreditation appears on all Diplomas and Certificates that are issued by our registered training providers and tutors. Once you have graduated and passed your examination you can then display your Certificate or Diploma with great pride.

Students: Whom successfully complete a course that is accredited by IPHM will receive a recognised Diploma/Certificate to enable them to practice their chosen subject and as a member of IPHM will be entitled to discount on insurance. Accreditation is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is awarded. It is necessary in order to regulate the conduct of the organisation and to cover for all eventualities.

The IPHM is run independently from any college or awarding body, and therefore will accept appropriately qualified therapists equally and fairly. We exist to maintain Standards. We are dedicated to recognised standards of qualification and practice.  Students who wish to apply for membership with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and have gained their accreditation with one of the recognised Course provider or School are more than welcome to join us. We can provide you with further confirmation as a professional therapist.

If you have any course material of an alternative or holistic nature and would like your course material accredited by iphm so that your students can be confident that they are with a credible school of learning or working as a holistic/alternative therapist and would like further accreditation then visit their website for more details at international practitioners of holistic medicine 


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