Holistic Counselling Case Study

Published on 2 June, 2015 | Case Studies

Holistic Counselling Case Study


Patient welcomed, asked general questions then asked what brought them to me today.
This patient presents today for initial consultation about onychopagia. She is 32 years of age. She is getting married in a six months and would like to stop nail biting. She feels she is nail biting more when under stress. Her medical history does not indicate any major problems and she is not under the care of an allopathic physician for any chronic diseases.
She has been nail biting on and off for as long as patient can remember. She has tried may over the counter remedies to no avail.
A conversation with the patient reveals that she is under stress to get marital arrangements completed within the allocate time frame. Just explaining her “chore list” stresses her, and she tends to get agitated talking about the list.
She denies trying any type of yoga and she has no time in her schedule to meditate. She does not have any exercise routine at this time. Her diet is normal and she tries to include as much organic food as she is able. She does not frequent the fast food chains on a regular basis. She eats some type of protein breakfast every morning, usually peanut butter on toast.
Presently anxiety seems to be triggering her onychopagia. Yoga, visualization and Reiki choices the patient was offered.
Yoga is an excellent form of relaxation and a very good Yoga Studio has been recommended to the patient. She should go at least 2 times a week. It was explained that yoga will help balance her chakras and help to eliminate stress even before it starts, which is key for her success. She must always remain balanced so when “chaos” enters the day she will have been proactively preparing for it.
Worry is related to the perceptions of the future. It is based on the ground rational question “What if”. What purpose does this serve? Why worry about that which has not and probably won’t happen? Just for today, do not worry about the future. Imagine the light or the sun in the center of your heart and then imagine this light growing and expanding outwards until it surrounds your entire body. This reaffirms the correct flow of energy from within to without and helps to keep the Center Point flowing correctly after it has been aligned and cleared of any blockage or external factors and connections.
Healing with Reiki light using standard hand positions can also be used as part of meditations to help release and heal that particular conditioning that underlies the problem. Reiki is used to facilitate emotional and mental healing and to assist self-programming and treating addictions and habits as well as other mental and emotional concerns. Reiki healing will work on the subconscious. Concentrating mostly on Chakras 1-4, as they are in need of having the most healing as this will balance the right and left sides of the brain, which needs the healing of bad habits. The Reiki symbol Sei He Ki, was drawn and given, as it is known as the emotional symbol because it specifically addresses the emotional level and helps release deeply repressed feelings, quickly and easily. The patient can draw the symbol whenever she feel things starting to get too much. This symbol will be drawn at the start of the session.
Prior to starting the Reiki session, a Reiki Energy Field Cleaning must be performed. This will cleanse the energy field, transmuting negativity and strengthens the aura. This is accomplished by the visualizing the Dai Ko Mio energy coming down over my whole entire body, as it is filling the entire body, it is eliminating all negative energy that is not of my highest good. Then visualize the feet being closed and al white light energy filling up my entire body. Hold this energy for awhile, the move hands into Gassho position and breathe naturally, letting the energy radiate out into all levels of my energy field. Bow and I thank the Reiki Universal Power for the loving energy.
The patient will be reclined in a restful comfortable pose. There will be CD of Chakra Healing playing (CHAKRS HEALING ZONE by David and Steve Gordon). The patient is asked I have permission to do this healing, although my hands will not touch the patient they will be in a hovering mode. Permission has been granted and the healing begins. Sei He Ki sign was made and treatment began.
1. Hands placed hovering over the top of the head (crown)intentionally imparting white energy into the chakra and holding until energy was felt to clear and flow easily.
2. Hands placed hovering over the forehead, again intentionally imparting white energy into the chakra and holding until energy was felt to clear and flow easily.
3.- My hands were placed hovering over the patients eyes, on each side of the nose. Hands were kept her until I could feel the energy clear.
4. My hands were placed over the throat hovering and intentional white light energy was sent into the throat chakra, holding until I felt it had cleared.
5. My hands moved to the heart chakra and hovered there sending healing energy to the chakra again remaining until I felt the energy cleared.
6. The sacral, solar plexus and root chakras were also addressed in the same manner but for not as long.
7. Ending with the bottom of the feet, hands were placed hovering over the feet bottoms imparting intention to seal up the chakras that have been worked on.
The patient was instructed to remain quiet until they felt it was okay to rise.
The patient returned to the conversation part of the room. She felt well rested and balanced. She said she really enjoyed her session and hoped to keep this positive energy for a very long time.
As follow-up a copy of the CD was given to her and requested that she play at least 1x per day in order to allow her time to become balanced from the events of the day. She need not take a formal “time out” listening while having a quiet dinner is acceptable and while doing dishes. But no cell phone or television while trying to listen. It would be best to sit and quietly listen. Visualizing the Reiki symbol given her and drawing it with her mind when she stars to feel overwhelmed will also help. Exercising with yoga is a quiet intentional exercise which will help her to remain balanced.
It was again mentioned that this is not a “quick fix” but a lifestyle change and it will take a little bit of time for her to see the results on a more consistent basis. She has my number and was instructed to call or email me with any questions or concerns. She is welcome for a follow up anytime she desires.
The patient was thanked and well wished as she exited.



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