Holistic Counselling Session (case study)

Published on 4 August, 2016 | Case Studies

Holistic Counselling

Case Study – Initial first session

counselling life wheel

We started the session with a life wheel so we could assess different areas of life, and see what areas he would like to improve. The categories consisted of: Romance/significant other, fun/recreation, career, health, personal development, friends/family, environment and finance. We discussed choosing the two lowest scored areas to improve on, which were finance rated at a 3.5 and romance/significant other which was a 1.


For finance we first determined the desired end goal, which is to build up a savings. By setting aside twenty dollars (an amount he found doable) every pay check to start. I also suggested to keep track of money spent over the course of a few days, to see if there is any unnecessary spending that is happening. Money issues can be a great source of stress. I believe some of that stress can be relieved with a plan in place.

 Relevant Advise

I also believe he could benefit from a chakra balance it seems that is root chakra may be out of balance causing an emotional imbalance of money issues.


The next area of concern was romance. I suggest simple dates or quality time spent with his spouse. These do not need to be expensive dates as money is an area of concern. Such as having a homemade candle light dinner, or a back massage for his wife after work.


Client expressed to me that he often experiences anxiety usually at work or when he is in big crowds. I shared with Client the idea the anxiety is more of a virtual state of fear as real as it may feel and that there are techniques that can help relieve the overwhelming feeling of anxiety. I think he could greatly benefit by some breathing exercises once he feels the anxiety coming on. So we discussed focused-breathing to help calm the anxiety. He also has bouts of depression which he says as of lately has been getting better, but he I still affected by it from time to time. His crown chakra may be out of balance causing the bouts of depression.

 Meditation & Crystals


I believe Client would also benefit from daily mediation. I recommend to add crystals to the daily meditation to receive additional healing aid. For example, yellow citrine can be a powerful aid to manifest money. He also may benefit from meditating with a rose quartz to strengthen the romance in his marriage.

 Positive Emotions

I am a firm believe that positively can have a profound impact on one’s life. Positive emotions are like nutrients to our bodies, it is important to find ways to experience as many positive emotions in a day as you can. I would like to specialize in helping increase positivity my potential clients’ lives. So we first looked at what things he enjoyed. His response was: surfing, skating, haircuts, TV, Netflix, spending time with his wife, family and good food. Client and I discussed the 10 main forms of positivity: joy, gratitude, serenity, interest, hope, pride, amusement, inspiration, awe and love. After addressing the different forms of positivity he wrote down an example for each which is as follows.


Joy: The first time I surfed and caught a wave that my dad pushed me in on

Gratitude: Having been graced by going to Hawaii so many times

Serenity: Camping in Big Sur

Interest: Competing in surf contest

Hope: Graduating surf contest

Pride: Completing rehab

Amusement: Going to Oceanside for Surf championship

Inspiration: Having two cousins muscular dystrophy that stay positive

Awe: Seeing my friend break his femur during a bike ride on a trail

Love: Meeting Amy for the first time


Next we discussed a few things that are most important to him, which were: surfing, his wife and family.

I suggested, to maintain coherence by bringing everyday actions into alignment with what is most important to him. And that we should not engage in behaviours (drug use), that are in direct opposition to the fulfilment of becoming the person you desire to be.

Lastly I had him describe his ideal day, what activities would he participate in, and which positive emotions do he believe he would experience. We want to take notice of the positive events in his life. Activities: surfing, eating, meditate, relax, skate, bike ride, camping, hiking, hang out with wife. Emotions: happiness, joy, positivity, enlightenment, love, strengthening, honour, and pride.


Upon reviewing the list he had just come up with, I suggested that he try to incorporate at least one or two of these activities into his daily life.

I feel that this was a very productive first session. My suggestion to him are: a chakra balancing session, daily mediation with suggested crystals, and the addition of his listed positive activities daily. I would like to check in with Client in about two weeks to see how he is feeling and if he has noticed any decreases in his anxiety and depression.


Feedback “I found the suggestions to be helpful I have never had a chakra balance done, or used healing crystals but would be up for giving it a try. The therapist was easy to talk to and I felt comfortable expressing my concerns to her.”

Student example case study

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