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Published on 7 February, 2011 | Accreditation

Free Adverting for Holistic Therapist

If you are a qualified holistic therapist and hold a qualification that  acknowledges this,  you can advertise your services or therapy treatments free when you join the IPHM.  This is a service they are now offering so why not take advantage of this means to get your venue or therapy seen by the public. You can even advertise your website with a direct link to your homepage.

The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine recognizes students who  have undertaken courses that they have awarded accreditation to. This is because they have signed and agreed to their terms and conditions and signed a code of ethics so students undertaking any course that has iphm approval can be guaranteed they are studying to a high and ethical standard.

iphm accredtation boardStudying with IPHM Recognized Course Providers

If you are studying with one of the many iphm recognized course providers then you can be assured that they are professional and working for your best interest. All course providers have had to submit their work to the IPHM Members board for approval. This is so that as a student you can be assured you are getting a quality service.

IPHM Therapists

If you are having a treatment with a iphm therapist, then once again you can be assured that you are being looked after. All therapists whom join the iphm have to show they are capable and have the necessary qualifications to offer the therapy they are advertising.


If you would like to join the iphm as either a therapist, course provider or maybe you sell holistic products and would like an audiance aimed at the products you sell. Email the iphm for further details. You can contact them by visiting their website at the International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine. 


Luna Holistics is a member of the IPHM

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