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Published on 13 July, 2016 | Case Studies

Details of treatment – Hopi Ear for Tinnitus

 Using Hopi Ear Candles

hopi ear treatments for tinnitus

Prior to my client arriving, I prepared the therapy room.

I completed a treatment card for the client.


Preparation of Room

I ensured the temperature of the room was ambient with no draughts.  The therapy table was set with clean linen, pillow and pillowcase, a light cover if required and a cushion for leg support.  Lighting was soft, music played in the background and I had prepared a tray with the ear candles, lighter, scissors and glass of water.  A glass of drinking water was available for my client.  So, all the preparations were in place to receive my client.

I then washed my hands thoroughly and checked my nails for length and cleanliness.


 Client Consultation

My Client arrived and she told me she was suffering the symptoms of Tinnitus.  Client hadn’t had her ears candled before so this was a new experience for her.  Client then took a few moments to complete the Treatment Card I had prepared for her.  Client wasn’t on any medications and on examination, I found no ear infection obvious or ear wax.

I explained the ear candling treatment process to Client, as well as the time it would take for her session.   She was relaxed as we spoke together.  We also discussed how long Client had suffered from Tinnitus and we also talked about the kind of program of treatments we could put in place for her over the coming weeks, to assist with the alleviation of the Tinnitus.


Hopi Treatment

hopi candles

I then settled Client onto the therapy table, making sure she used the foot stool to access the table comfortably and safely.  Once Client was settled on her side, her head resting on a soft pillow and a support bolster pillow for her legs;

I then gently applied Lavender oil to her temple and behind her ear and she felt very relaxed and calm.  I explained to Client, as I protected the side of her head with a small towel, that I would then light the ear candle and gently insert it into the opening of her ear.   I had to twist the ear candle ever so slightly, so that it seated into the ear opening and no smoke escaped.   I then asked Client if she was comfortable, which she was and she said she was hearing slight crackling noises, which she liked.

While I candled Client’s first ear, she was calm and very relaxed and almost fell asleep at one stage.   During the whole process, I was protecting Client’s head from the heat of the ear candle, while the towel I had placed over the side of her head, provided protection from any residue that fell from the ear candle.

When the ear candle burned down to the safety line, I gently let Client know that I was going to remove the ear candle and extinguish it.  Client was very relaxed and happy with the process and she was very interested to see what had been removed from her ear!   I let Client know that we would see this after both ears had been candled and make a comparison, as she had one ear that was slightly more problematic than the other.


Lymphatic Massage

During our session, I explained that I would provide some gentle massage of the lymphatic system and gave Client a little information on the benefits of this massage.   So, after candling Client’s first ear, I did a gentle massage of the lymphatic system.   I then made sure that Client lay and rested for a few moments.

We then started to repeat the same process on Client’s other ear;  making her comfortable when she turned over, laying the light towel on the side of her head, while she remained just as relaxed during the second candling and said she was enjoying the peace and quiet and feeling so relaxed.  She also loved the crackling sound.

After ear candling on the second ear, I removed the candle when it burned down to the safety line, extinguished the candle and then went back to Client, to remove the towel that her been covering and protecting the side of her head and face.  I did further gentle massage of the lymphatic system and  I then asked Client to move onto her back and just relax and not make any quick movements.  Client rested for a good 10 minutes.

I then encouraged Client to sit up very slowly and take her time, as she sipped on the glass of water I had prepared for her.  She said she felt quite clear and very balanced.


Assessing the results of Hopi Ear treatment

I then cut the ends of each ear candle and showed the results to Client.  As suspected, there was a little more debris removed from the troublesome ear than the other ear.  Client was really surprised at the debris removed.  The debris removed was quite substantial and I recommended to Client that she come back.

Client was very keen to come back for further treatments for her Tinnitus and we have now made a schedule of appointments for her to come in twice more this week, followed by another two appointments in the second week, and once more in the third week.  Client is then keen to come back on a monthly basis.


Aftercare Advise: I requested the client to drink plenty of water as this can help to eliminate any toxins that maybe released after massage.


Client Feedback: I asked Client what the experience had been like for her and she was very positive, saying she felt clarity and a sense of balance.  She loved the treatment and her surroundings.

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