Hot Stone Massage Case Study

Published on 27 January, 2014 | Case Studies

 Case Study of Hot Stone Massage

facestoneTime started: 2.30pm Time finished: 3.45pm

Details of treatment

Before my client arrived I prepared myself and the room. I had a clean tunic on, removed all jewellery and had my hair tied back. I then prepared the couch, warmed clean towels, relaxing music and softly lit room. I had prepared the stones in the heater, by pre-cleansing them then I lay them on a white cloth and warmed them up whilst I consulted with my client.


While we filled out the treatment card, I was able to answer any questions and anxieties she had. She had never had a massage before and was unsure as how the treatment would be. She was on no medication and no recent medical issues. She was in good physical health and no obvious underlying issues. The reason she had made a decision to have a Hot Stone Massage was that she had pulled muscles in her legs and back during a work-out session at the gym. She felt that a massage treatment would be beneficial for the recovery of tightened sore and stiff muscles. I also advised her to avoid any strenuous activity, drink plenty of water and if possible avoid caffeine for approx. 24hours after the treatment.

I decided to use sweet Almond oil with a blend of Ginger and Marjoram. I use this blend often in clients that have muscular problems. Marjoram is particularly beneficial for all aspects of muscle problems, together with Ginger would have a warming effect, especially in the cold weather. She smelt the oils and said she liked the blend. I reassured her and explained the technique, strokes, pressure I would be using, and would ensure she felt comfortable throughout the session. I am aware that knotted muscles can be painful when worked on. It was my aim to ease the stiffness in her calf muscles and back muscles around the trapezius and shoulders She felt better and relaxed and we continued with the treatment.

I asked if she would undress but leave her underwear on, lie on the couch with her face resting on a rolled towel on the face hole. There was a larger towel to cover her so she did not feel cold.

I washed my hands and the stones were at the desired 120’F.

Back Massage

hot stones

I placed the sacral stone on the towel on her lower back while I worked on her back.

I effleuraged the whole back with the oil blend from her shoulders to lower back x3

Using my larger stones I worked again from shoulders to lower back with an even pressure, flipping the stones when they lost heat a few times.

Moved to base of back using deep, slow circular movements over her lower back,towards trapezius and shoulders, avoiding the spine, both sides together.

Concentrating on her left side, I worked on muscles above the gluteus with kneading and wringing movements, flipping stones to keep the temperature even.

Stretching muscles and Palmer kneading to rid of the knotty areas I could feel. I brought her arm back and placed it so the scapula was raised and work on the muscles that were proving painful for her.

I adjusted the pressure so it would be bearable and comfortable, yet deep enough to smooth out the muscles.

I placed the stones along her spine from the base upwards, whilst I used small warmer stones to work along shoulders and neck.

I used the sides of the stones with a slight rolling action to work along the top of her shoulder and neck.

I repeated the sequence on the other side working the base of the trapezius, scapula, shoulder and neck.

I then placed the stones up along the spine in the spinal layout and covered her with the towel while I worked on the back of her legs.

Back Of Legs


I worked on left side first.

Effleuraged her whole leg with blended oil, to warm muscles and introduce the heat.

Using stones I worked on the whole leg using slow, deep, circular movements. Concentrating on her lower leg I used smaller stones to work either side of her ankle up towards the back of her knee, flipping stones to keep an even temperature.

I used deep, slow, circular and wringing movements over her leg muscles, draining at the back of knee and moving up towards hamstrings.

I was able to adjust the pressure and working deeply in these muscles.

I then placed a stone behind her knee, covered her leg with a towel while I worked on the other leg.

I repeated the sequence.

When I finished both legs, I removed the placement stones and asked her to turn over to proceed with front of legs.

At this point she said she felt a lot better and her muscles were not as stiff.

I placed some smaller stones under a towel in the spinal layout under her back and made sure she felt comfortable lying on them before I proceeded. I covered her with a towel.

frontleghotstoneFront of Legs

I worked on her left leg first.

Effleuraged with blended oil over her whole leg 3x.

Using stones worked the whole leg distributing heat and pressure evenly.

I used smaller stones to work lower leg, using deep, circular movements along the muscles.

I used draining pressure points around her knee, upwards to speed up and increase circulation.

Effleuraged thighs using deep, kneading movements. Alternate wringing movements on either side of thighs.

Flipping stones to keep temperature even..

Effleuraged whole leg from ankle to thigh to increase blood flow and aid circulation.

I placed a stone under her knee, covered her leg with a towel and continued on the other leg and repeated the sequence.

Arm Massage

armmassage With body and both legs covered, I exposed her arm on the left and proceeded to work by using gentle effleurage strokes up the whole arm with the blended oil.3x

I used warmer smaller stones to work the whole arm by supporting her hand in mine.

I worked the lower arm muscles with small circular movements with the side of the stone. As this is a smaller area of muscles these stones would be more effective to use.

I worked on the triceps, biceps, around the shoulder and neck by raising her arm upwards slightly to increase circulation.

I placed her arm down and continued with slow deep, effleurage movements on triceps, draining increase of arm and gentle pressure over whole arm to finish.

I placed a small stone in the crease of her arm and palm of her hand and covered her arm with a towel.

I repeated the sequence on the other arm.

When finished I allowed my client to have a little time to rest while I prepared a drink of water.

When she was ready I removed the stones and she got dressed.

She said she felt a lot better, her muscles felt easier to move and more flexible. She said she enjoyed the massage, didn’t find it too uncomfortable in the knotted areas. She did say she would relax for the remained of the day.


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