Hot Stone Massage Techniques

Published on 6 September, 2013 | Holistic Therapy

hotstonesHot stone Massage 2/2

In part 1 we covered the basics and benefits of doing a hot stone massage, in this part we shall look into some techniques and show how to do a massage.


hotstonemassage legWhen doing the legs you should start at the feet and work your way up the legs, along the back and up the arms and out through the fingertips. Work with one leg at a time, you can place a stone in the middle of the upper leg, one in the middle of the hamstrings, one behind the knee and one of the calf muscle.

Using Essential Oils

You can now take some oil and massage the other leg with light effleurage strokes (these are shown in details in the basic aromatherapy course. Use a stone to massage upwards and think of it as an extension of your hand. Feel your energy flowing through and down your fingers via the stone and onto the client. Use a gliding motion and follow the contours of the leg and along the sole of the foot.  Your clients breathing should slow down as the relaxation  begins to take effect.  Swap the stones over and repeat the process with the other leg.

Back & Neck Hot Stone Massage

backhotstonemassageWarm the lower back with a small pile of stones while you massage either side of the sacrum down the buttocks. Turning your attention to the upper back place some balsalt stones along the spine, on the shoulder, on the latissimus dorsi and on the neck.  Using the stone, glide up to the lower back but take care not to go across the spine and ensure you keep clear of bones and joints. Do the same for  the upper back and neck area.

Face & Scalp Hot Stone Massage

Massage the face and scalp with fingers and do not use the stone. Now take some cold stones facestoneand place it on the forehead and as shown in diagram. The coolness of the stones will make a pleasant contrast.

Top Tip

A great way to enjoy these stones for yourself is to leave a couple of them in a bowl of ice and water for ten minutes. Dry then place them under the arches of your feet for a relaxing treat at the end of a long day.

If you would like to learn more about hot stone massage then our distance learning hot stone massage course is available for you to study from home, however you will need to have a basic understanding of massage to complete this course therefore we also recommend you take a course in basic aromatherapy. 

Further recommendation for Massage

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