Working with colour

Published on 17 October, 2010 | Colour Therapy

Working with Colour

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working with the colour on the human body absorbs light that is made up of the colour spectrum and each colour in the spectrum has a frequency, wavelength and energy associated with it. The symptoms of disease are a sign that there is a shortage or improper utilization of colour and light in the organs and cells of the human body. This is due to many factors, such as our lifestyle, stress or too little of a particular colour frequency in our energy system. Studies show that the colour of fruit and vegetables indicate their individual health-promoting benefits.

The frequency of a wave is determined by the number of complete waves, or wavelengths that pass a point each second. The colour red has a frequency of around 430 trillion vibrations a second, whereas violet has a much higher frequency, so each violet wave would pass a given point much quicker than the colour red.

Higher frequency colours are – violet – indigo – blue

Lower frequency colour are  – yellow – orange  – red

This course will teach you how that by altering colours that surround us, it is possible to enhance health and well-being. Colour is simply light of varying wavelengths and as such is a form of energy. This light energy affects all living cells. Used in the right way colour can have a profound effect on all creation. Colour therapy can be used for any problem whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual for specific problems as well as an over all relaxation therapy. Colour therapy can also be used with great effect alongside other holistic therapies. It especially compliments crystal therapy.

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