How to charge your crystals

Published on 30 January, 2011 | crystals

Preparing your crystals for work


As any crystal therapist will tell you, you will need to tune into your gemstone before using them and one way to get them ready for use is to charge them first. All crystals carry their own vibration and depending on which type of stone you are working with you more than likely want to prepare them first.

  • Rinse your crystals under running tap water or soak for 20 mins in a sea salt solution.
  • Lay the ones you want to charge on a windowsill whilst the moon is rising (waxing) and leave overnight on a full moon.
  • Your crystals are now fully charged and ready to work with

Dedicate your crystals for a purpose

  • lay them on a cloth or mat of your choosing
  • place your hands above the crystals with your palms downwards and visulise a bright white light coming from your hands and entering into the crystals
  • request that your higher self or your guides bless your crystals and then place in a pouch until you are ready to work with them.

Your crystals are now charged and dedicated and ready for you to use them for the higher good. If you would like to learn how to train as a professional crystal therapist then visit our website for more details on Crystal Therapy Diploma Courses that you can study at home.

Crystal Therapy diploma course is fully accredited and offers you  a recognisned qualification by IPHM/IICT/AADP – More details

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