Learn to see auras

Published on 20 June, 2010 | Free courses

Learn to See Auras

See if you can see the Aura by trying this exercise:
Soft or low light is the best condition in which to first see the aura. It helps to be relaxed: bed may be the best place to try this experiment. This is not an easy exercise – not many people are able to see the Aura but have a go and you may be surprised!
1. Turn off the lights but don’t work in pitch-black conditions. Streetlights filtering through the curtains should provide enough light. If not, leave a light on outside the bedroom and close the door. The small amount of light seeping underneath the door should be enough to work with.
2.     As you lie in bed, hold your hands straight out in front of you. Look at them gently but don’t stare hard – you need to gaze rather than look. The aura rarely appears as a bright light, it is more like a gentle heat haze.
3. Try fixing your attention on your hands while focusing your eyes on the bedroom wall. The hands will appear out of focus but this will help you get the knack of the way to look.
4.     Now very slowly bring the fingertips of each hand towards each other until they are very close but not touching. The aura will appear as fine lines of blue and red light between the finger tips. You can try the same again just using the index fingers of both hands.
5.     As you draw the hands apart you will see the streams of energy connecting each finger. Imagine the energy increasing and you will see the light glow slightly more brightly. Bringing the fingers tantalisingly close together in this way seems to increase the auric flow. It’s just like when you bring two opposite poles of magnets together: you feel the attraction suddenly increase as the fields unite.

Auras and Chakras



Working with auras and chakras is done in most holistic therapies, whether it be Reiki, Crystal  healing or Colour therapy, a lot of therapists have an understanding and knowledge of just how important it is to ensure our chakras are cleansed and balanced. A good therapist can locate which of your chakras are blocked and how this maybe effecting you. Having a good aura and chakra cleansing treatment is equivalent to having and amazingly long and refreshing  shower.  To learn how to do this is not difficult but like anything takes practice.

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