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Published on 13 March, 2019 | Crystal Healing


The best Crystals to use for therapists

When acquiring gemstones for healing work, the first crystal in your collection should be quite large as this will be your generator. Your largest crystal will activate the smaller crystals, so when not in use, place them in a circular pattern around the generatorgem crystal.

crystal wand

crystal wand

You will also need seven smaller clear quartz crystals with which to give healing treatments. When choosing these you may like to pick out two right-handed and two left-handed terminations (masculine and feminine energy). The more pointed the six facets are at the termination point, the stronger the healing power. A pointed apex turns into a laser beam that amplifies the healing qualities. If a point is chipped, the energy of the crystal will not be focused.
You can also be on the lookout for a double terminated crystal, although these are difficult to find and can be quite expensive. You need not worry if you cannot find one initially.

It is good to have a quartz crystal relating to each of the four elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) such as:
•    Clear quartz crystal
•    Rose quartz
•    Citrine quartz
•    Smoky quartz

You can also start building a collection of gemstones related to the chakra colours. Start by choosing one that is related to each chakra. You can add to this collection over time, as and when you are attracted to different stones.

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