What does your Illness really mean?

Published on 2 May, 2014 | Reiki & Energy Healing

Why do we get ill?

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People often think illness happens by accident or that is may be determined by fate, others may see someone getting ill as a punishment even coming from a higher source or power. It would appear that little is understood about the inner meaning of illness pain and suffering. 

The division of medicine into different disciplines, such as mental and physical, has now led us even farther away from the old holistic views of disease. A symptom can be regarded as a kind of information medium which can help us to recognise and integrate aspects of our being which are either not conscious of or which we have repressed. It is this non-consciousness which makes us become ill.

“Our bodies, indeed our whole lives, are nothing other than a reflection of our spiritual situation, for it is the spirit which forms the body and determines our fate”

This means that in the outer and visible aspects of our bodies and lives, we will always attract those things which correspond to our consciousness or sub-consciousness, in accordance with the Law of Affinity. This is made clear in Astrology, in which certain astrological principle not only determines certain aspects of our character, but is also responsible for the kind of situation we “get into”. 

Holistic (holos is Greek for “whole”) view of health, disease and healing is based on an assumption of the absolute unity of life in all its different forms of expression.  Each symptom, whether physical, mental or psychological, is an exact indication of the point we have reached in our life’s journey.

Questioning your illness

In order to understand what is hidden behind a certain symptom in an intellectual sense, pay attention to the double meanings of some of our expressions, for they will frequently point us in the right direction. We can then recognise the roots of the symptom, while we are  listening to someone. The interpretation of a symptom will be made easier if we ask ourselves the following question for instance: –  “What does this symptom force me to do and where does it impede me. In what circumstances did or does it occur? The answers to these questions will then generally lead us to the basic problem and the central theme of the illness very quickly.

How your illness may develop

Make sure you pay attention. Illnesses generally begin with a light functional disturbance and develop into acute physical ones such as arthritis and otitis etc and other inflammations as well as injuries and little accidents if not paid attention to. This stage is a very acute demand to the patient to understand and integrate something. If at this stage these are not paid attention to then chronic conditions can occur. Using Reiki Healing is so beneficial for any illness that I personally believe this should be taught to everyone from a very early age.

In our next article  we discuss illness and the types of illness suffered from a Metaphysical point of view.



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